Pernworld Mush: Flight?! Xanadu Weyr Searches!

  • The Dragonhealer annex has been on high alert since Meirath has risen for the third consecutive time, leaving troubling questions to be uttered in the shadows and no answers can be found from the Senior Weyrwoman herself, who has been scarce since Meirath's past two tumultuous flights. Throughout the chaos in the skies, personnel wait on the ground to gather new injured riders and dragons left in the queen's very loud and violent wake. In the end, T'revs' bronze Draukaith put an end to this reign of terror for now and the queen is under observation, grounded to facilitate the dragon's healing. Things are not moving as smoothly as they should.

    The Dragonhealer's are stressing privacy as they try to uncover the cause of weakness in Meirath's clutches, citing theories of what could contribute to her irregular clutching cycle at the age of a mere four turns. The short duration between cycles could be depleting the young queen of what's necessary to shell a strong egg. Is this an act of nature or signs of something far more sinister to come? Until then, the barracks are being cleaned and prepared to keep spirits up and dark rumors at bay.

    OOC Search for Xanadu Weyr is officially open! Xanadu Weyr is located on Pernworld Mush @ Port: 2211. Simply type 'Search Me' on game after character approval to apply and join in on the fun. We are looking for all walks of life to join us IN THE SUPERIOR WEYR. Applications will be accepted until Midnight on April 29th. Please check out +help Candidate in game for details on that Candidate life and Hope to see you new and returning players soon!