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  • I have been MUSHing since 1993ish, and have played on too many places to remember anymore, but these are the characters I remember (and liked) best.

    PernMUSH: A'deth (Ardeth)
    PernWorld: R'lyeh (the first one, greenrider)
    The Dreaming: Tseraith
    RobotechMUSH: Lancer
    Crescent City: Violenne
    Paris By Night: Rafaele (might have been Raphael, he was the only Sluagh with any variation of that name)
    Fallcoast: Amadei
    Fear & Loathing: Paris, Amadei
    Marvel 1963: Suriel

    HorrorMUX: The Artist

  • Pitcrew

    Where you on The Reach at all with there being a thing about an ogre attacking you or a friend of yours?

  • @Cupcake No. o.o

  • There is only 1 ogre.

  • ok. I have to say-- I am a little bothered about:

    @Paris said in Paris' Playlist:

    PernMUSH: A'deth (Ardeth)

    Did you have a dragon named Ardeth that somehow got its name shortened? Or did you have a male dragonrider who was named Ardeth? Because most Pern games I have been on have forbidden human names ending in 'th'!

    (Edit to say, bothered in the way of curious, not upset.)

  • @Meg I somehow was allowed to keep a male human name with 'th'! I got no guff for it from staff (I even eventually became staff under that alt), and was not asked to change it before or after Impression.

    A few folks thought they'd allowed PC dragons at first! Someone eventually suggested that his mom was dragon-mad and named her kid like one instead of being reasonable and just getting a fire lizard, and I liked the idea enough that that became the IC explanation.

    I played him for about 17 years RL and I think he was the only rider (I am not sure about character) on PernMUSH whose name ended in 'th'.

  • I find it kind of wild how so many nWoD players played PernMUSH, but not other Pern games, whereas I played a ton of Pern games but never PernMUSH. XD

  • @Auspice I played R'lyeh on Pernworld (the first, redheaded one, yeeeears ago), and also someone on SouCon but I forget who. I should probably add him but I barely remember.

    Edit: Norcon/PernMUSH was a gateway game for a lot of folks back in the early 90s (along with Too), is why, and they switched to WoD after they got the hang of things.

    Editedit: I've played on at least a half-dozen pern games but I don't remember my names anymore, or much details. It was all in the early to mid 90s. Especially after chemo, my memory is terrible.

  • @Paris

    I knew a R'lyeh, but I played PernWorld off and on so many times that I have no idea if it would've been the first or not at this point. >.>

  • @Auspice It was around launch and about two years after! I eventually stopped playing all of my pern alts except A'deth. I was gone for long enough that my character got recycled (though not my staffbit, whose name I no longer recall), and folks had forgotten. :< But hello again if we did meet, the game was kinda weird at the time but everyone I vaguely recall I RPed with was nice. XD

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