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    SW:AoA Legends is a Knights of the Old Republic side-game hosted on SW:Age of Alliances MUSH.

    Its a fully operational Role Playing experience set in the KOTOR-era on SW:AoA.

    Its a side-grid off of the Main Game where players can create Jedi / Sith / Mandalorians during the height of that era's galactic war.

    RP in casual settings or create massive Battles. Its up to you!

    Be a Jedi Master or a Sith Lord or a battle hardened Mandalorian Warrior!

    Create your character, and have fun set in in the KOTOR era today!


    • A separate door in Chargen where you go to a KOTOR-era grid.
    • You choose to join the Jedi / Sith Empire / Mandalorian factions set roughly 4,000 years ago.
    • 3 available planet RP spots: Coruscant / Korriban / Mandalore
    • 2 available fleet RP spots: Republic Fleet / Sith Empire Fleet
    • 3 Anywhere Planet Rooms: For creating rp on other planets not in this mini-grid.
    • RP rewards for those who put the most time and effort into creating RP in this setting.
    • Anyone, can, be, what, they, want. Jedi Master / Sith Master -- Jedi Padawan / Sith Initiate
      The above lists a few of the features out for this as of right now.

    As a reminder, this is a SIDE GAME and not the main focus of AoA. The main grid of SW:AoA is set in the Episode 7 / 8 / 9 Tiemline.

    However, this is here for those who want to be a Jedi / Sith / Mandalorian and want to rp in the realm of KOTOR and its chaotic galaxy.

    Compard to that of the Main Grid, the gear in the Legends Grid is slimmed down to be more easily managed. However, there are a number of items that can be acquired through quality and consistant Role Play awards!

    At these RP Nom Awards:
    Jedi Knight -- Can acquire a Gold bladed Lightsaber.
    Jedi Master -- Can acquire a Purple bladed LIghtsaber.
    Sith Warrior -- Can acquire a Double-Bladed Lightsaber.
    Sith Lord -- Can acquire Twin Lightsabers.
    Cinder's Fire -- Can acquire a Storm or Fire Lightsaber (Black/Orange blades)
    Cujo's Cup -- Can forge your own Jedi/Sith Holocron.

    If you reach this level and create your own Holocron, it can be hidden on the grid of the Main Game and have a chance to be found by players 4,000 years later (ICly)
    This will allow a Jedi/Sith from the KOTOR-era to live on through their Holocron and you can RP as your Holocron-self in the modern era.
    This will unite the game in a very unique way, and its possible that your Jedi / Sith from 4,000 years ago can thusly influence the main game and the future of its players.
    What about Mandalorians:
    If a Mandalorian wants any of these rewards, they-too can request them.

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    Does this game use a tabletop rule system/FS3 or is it just a freeform MU*?

  • Pitcrew

    @magee101 The game is using a custom skill system. Skill success and failure can be settled via a roll from your +sheet if wanted, while combat has it's own system.

  • AoA uses Dahan's Dynamic Skill System, which was also found on SerenityMU.

    Be sure to app in with a group for a free, fully customizable capital ship. Conversely, never ask for cybernetics to get put on your +sheet, because EFFORT.

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    @Jennkryst The game has within the last six months or so put a cap on ship cargo capacity. While it is possible to have a cap ship for your rp purposes, this will not give you an advantage over any other player as far as credits go. Also, game policy is perfectly acceptable to your character having cybernetics. +sheet bonuses for such applications are not supported.

  • Also worth noting: The regular Episode VII era main game is still open for business and ready for RP. So you can play on the Old Republic "Legends" side (good option for those who want a lightsaber or force powers), the main game/Force Awakens side (good option for those who want to own ships or non-saber weapons), or both.

  • I'm the HeadWiz of Star Wars: Age of Alliances and I have been for 17 years.

    And in response to Jenkryst's completely-unrelated comment about SW:AoA's main grid...

    Capital Ships can be achieved through RP on the main-game (Not the Legends RP side game)

    Below marks the way to achieve a capital ship through having an active role-playing organization.

    Capital Ship Class | # of Active PCs |
    CEC GS-9 Gunship 5 |
    RSS Marauder Corvette 7 |
    CEC CR-90 Corvette 8 |
    KDY Star Galleon Transport 11 |
    Rendili SD Bulk Cruiser 15 |
    Damorian Carrack Cruiser 17 |
    Rendili SD Dreadnaught 18 |
    Venerator Star Destroyer 22 |
    KDY Victory-I Star Destroyer 25 |
    KDY Victory-II Star Destroyer 30 |

    The above capital-class vessels are available to civilian organizations here
    on Star Wars: Age of Alliances. Capital ships are warships, instead of freight
    haulers, and thus require large crews to operate and maintain. We realize that
    it would take decades' worth of RL time to amass the money required for buying
    one of these craft with our economy system, we opt to use a different purchase

    To acquire one of these warships for your faction, the following must happen:
    1.) Your org must have the specified number of active PCs.
    2.) You must have shown some effort toward creating roleplay on the MUSH,
    for what good is a ship that does nothing? (RP Logs on the Wiki)
    3.) You must clear the purchase of the ship with Cujo(C). Note that even
    if you have the specified number of PCs, a ship can still be denied, if
    the administration deems it necessary.
    4.) You must write up a detailed TinyPlot(TP) for your faction, involving
    the capture/theft/purchase/etc of the ship in question, so that the
    ship is ICly gotten.
    5.) If your Org falls below the required amount of players, the ship is
    subject to be taken back, though Staff will work with your Org
    leadership to help prevent this from happening!


    As far as the topic of Cybernetics go on the MUSH, we do not offer stat-bonuses for people who ICly have cybernetics. We do not want to encourage people to cut their limbs off in order to min-max their character's skills. That being said, there is nothing wrong with a player ICly having a cybernetic arm, or a leg, or two arms, or two legs, or four arms and five legs. If you want to RP having those things, then go for it.

    But when the topic of Stat Bonsues w/Cybernetics comes up, we have, and will continue to say... Nope, sorry..


    I'm very sorry if any of these game policies are displeasing to players, former or present. We try very hard to be as balanced and as fair as humanly possible for a game with WAR in the title.

    Any other questions or comments about SW:AoA, please ask them.

  • Like I said, app in with 6 friends, get a Marauder. 7 and get your (groups) very own Corellian Corvette!

    The problem, re: cybernetics, lies in... well... cybernetics. Stat boosts I could care less about. But with the way combat works in DSS? Sort of require, at minimum, a coded weapon to +equip for your taser fists, or always +equipped armor if you want to go for the full cyberpunk/General Grievous feel, with CHROME BEING COOLER THAN FLESH. A Lobot-style wireless router for slicing? Fine, hand-wave that (oh wait, it's not on your +sheet, like a droid needs a vocorder on their +sheet to even speak, so you don't really have it, then, do you?)

    But Charobj was nuked, so whatevs.

  • Thats right, if you have a group of friends who can make an active organization you can have your own Corellian Corvette. Fancy, I know.

    And yes, combat on SW:AoA requires you to have a coded weapon unless you're fighting with your fists and feats.

    As for something like what Lobot was wearing, it can be requested to be made into a object, or possibly even a Feat for your +sheet. Fact is, in 17 years, nobody has ever asked for anything like Lobot's headgear.

    In the long line of Star Wars' lore, there's never been a ton of 'General Grievouses' out there either, he was a pretty special snowflake... and totally should stay that way too. But thats not to say that a really good role player couldn't take on a concept like that... again, if they asked.

    Coded droids use their own Feats to have language access. Thats part of a coded Protocol Droid for instance.

    A PC'd protocol droid / translator droid is awarded all coded languages to their +sheet, which functions identically to a coded object droid.

    Any other questions or concerns, leave them here!


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