Help Wanted (Wiki Needed)

  • Hello, I'm from United Heroes. Some of you may have seen our advertisement for the game itself ( 2528). We currently don't have a wiki, so we're on the lookout for someone who could help us build it, and in an ideal world, would maintain it as well, although it's far easier to maintain one than to actually make one.

    We've already registered a domain name, but that's about it. We're using Volund code suite, which allows for uploading of logs from the game directly to a wiki, once we have one. If you'd like to come and join a great new place to play, or would just like to help out, we'd greatly appreciate your efforts.

    Have a wonderful day.

  • @Claremont
    Are you hosting it on Volund's server? If so, you'll be good. If not, the time between loading between the MU* on one server and SQL on another server, in my experience, is a bit troublesome.

    I can't offer time, but you're free to dig around my game's wiki, and steal whatever you want as far as code. It's either something I made, recreated/formatted from something I liked on another game's wiki, or code that @surreality helped me with. No credit needed.

  • Pitcrew

    If you chose to use a wikidot, feel free to nab code of

  • All the SQL-wiki (and vice versa) stuff I'm dealing with unfortunately was all set up by someone else. I'm sadly unfamiliar with Volund's stuff or how to get that all linked up. :/

  • Bobotron casts SUMMON @Volund !!!!

    Let's see if he answers.

  • @surreality There is some info on the Github site for Volund's MUSH code suite:

  • We have a Wiki, which is very much under construction, but could still definitely use a dedicated wiki staffer.

  • If I could staff for anyone and knew wikidot, I would offer. Wikidot is somewhat different in some pretty important ways from mediawiki, from what I gather.

    If you need some help with css, and have someone who decides to fill that role with basic knowledge for wikidot requirements, do feel free to poke me in PM at any time (and they're welcome to do the same) if there's anything I can be of help with.

    I have a wiki that's not finished, for a game I set aside in favor of a different idea, that does have some useful templates and code on it here:

    Not all the things I wanted to do with it got done before I set it aside, but if there is something there that looks useful to you that you'd like to implement for your game, I'm happy to talk to whoever your wikidot-savvy staffperson is to try to figure out if it can be done for wikidot and ideally can get it done. I just ask that if there are templates/a nice setup/etc. that comes from it, please be willing to 'pass it on' and share the code with others as well. :)

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