Seeking Testers for a Savage Worlds Character Generation System

  • Pretty much what the title says. I've recently fallen in love with the Savage Worlds system and have been tinkering with a character generation system for it. Looking for some people interested in trying it out and letting me know what they think. Mostly looking for bugs and for ways to increase user friendliness.

    Right now it's just a basic system, I haven't even coded in any of the arcane backgrounds because I don't know what direction I'd want to go in if it ever did mature into a full game. You can select from a number of basic fantasy races, set your attributes, skills, select edges, and balance out with hindrances as needed.

    Were it to mature into a more full fledged game right now I'm 50/50 on either an OC super hero game using the Powers Companion or a dark fantasy game (further divided 50/50 between a Rippers/Bloodborne style game or a Dark Souls style fantasy game). Of course these are all just thoughts and fantasies at the moment. It's entirely possible that it goes no further than it is right now.

    If you want to come check it out feel free to connect to

  • A Weird War 2 mush would be awesome!

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