ARK: Survival Evolved Server

  • So I went ahead and made a 40 slot server if people want to play!

    MSB Refugees

    We're using mods, just a heads up. Here's a list, so you can determine if its anything too 'twinky' for you.

    ARK Remastered
    Annunaki Genesis
    Aku Shima
    Builder's Improvements
    Baby Premium Care
    GateMod Remake
    No Collision Check
    Pillars Plus
    Pimp My Dino
    Stack Me More
    Structures Plus
    Versatile Raft Mod

    So... nothing too crazy! I also tweaked the taming rate, because I don't know about anyone else, but I don't have three days to tame a dino!

    Edited to fix the port number!

  • It's good fun, except when a giant alligator gets on your raft and decides to eat your face.

  • Pitcrew

    Is this a fresh game that you just started?

  • The server was just started today, if that's what you're asking.

  • @Bob Yes, I just started up the server yesterday around 4:30-5 pm EST.

  • Pitcrew

    So I went through last night and subscribed to all of the mods in the steam workshop.

    When I attempt to join via the IP it states: 'Unable to query server info for invite' under the heading of network failure.

    It's also not showing up under an UnOfficial server search. This is with the 'ARK Remastered' total conversion activated.

    And just to clarify I'm trying to connect via:


    EDIT: I turned off the 'ARK Remastered' conversion and it found the server. So it may not be activated? Dunno. Thanks for hosting.

  • @Bob Anytime! And you can try searching under if you want to try finding it with the Ark Remastered. Not sure if that will help.

    Edited to add! If you start out at West Region 2, you should end up near a large thatch hut with some basic supplies. :)

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