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  • Apparently these are the fashion now! Mine is going to be criminally underpopulated and mostly with years old ex-characters.

    Arx (former): Cristoph
    (In Alpha) Ailith

    The Fifth World: Alexius

    Star Crusade: Emmanuel (Staff)

    Vargo: Emmanuel (Staff)

    Dark Between The Stars: Joseph
    (Yep, also Fading Suns) Buford

    Road to Amber: Jitka

    Nobody on any recent WoD games, I remember playing Leaps at Clouds (lupus Garou) on Metro back in the day, also a few characters on various Exalted MU* and some abortive attempts to try Shadowrun Denver. I did play on a fair few oWoD games but mostly a decade or so ago and with no memory of character names.

    Ohh, also my first ever MUSH, Otherspace, I played a couple of weird space lizard people before realizing the game was terrible and run by a crazy person.

  • DUKE HONEY! I will always be sad we didn't get to delve deeper into a potential Frenemy relationship.

  • The main problem with Cristoph (Duke Honey) was that was/is pretty much what it says on the tin. A duke, who is good at Duking, means the best, is capable and competent at his job, etc.

    Personally I prefer characters who are on some level an asshole or who follow a belief system I disagree with in order to help ensure IC / OOC separation of goals. Difficult on a game like Arx where divine visions make it clear to everyone that no, the big IC goal is objectively correct and necessary to avoid oblivion.

  • Yeah, but I like to think I used Monique to bring a little conflict into Cristoph's life while I played her. :) The fact that she was ballsy enough to call him 'Duke Honey' to his face was worth a snicker!

  • That was fun, especially when he responded actually antagonistically to the whole 'We used to raid each other' thing. Raiding people and stealing their livelihoods in a subsistence farming economy is serious business!

  • I did enjoy their little confrontations. ^_^

  • If it helps, I did read the crisis responses before quitting. It looks like Cristoph and his vassals were responsible for murdering, burning or starving approximately 40,000 of the attacking Abandoned/Shav troops. I now only hope that whoever next plays Cristoph notices that I/he spent 100,000 silver on stockpiling winter supplies to continue such activities for the next crisis interval.

  • Pitcrew

    I will miss Cristoph. Sending you much love. Aka -Calista

  • Pitcrew

    You were absolutely helpful when I took Ailith. Thanks a lot.

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