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    • Lys @ Arx

    Recent Past:

    • Asteria @ San Fran
    • Saskia @ The Descent
    • Tizania @ Valorous Dominion
    • Gwen / Cobalt @ Darkwater
    • Ainsley & Saya @ Arx
    • Lien @ Fate's Harvest
    • Briony & Ianthe @ Calaveras

    I'm going to shamelessly copy ES. :P

    First staff bits since it'll be slightly less messy:

    • Cobalt@Darkwater
    • Atlantis/Quneitra@The Reach
    • Sanguine@Haunted Memories
    • GM Blues/Nekhbet@City by the Bay
    • Inglewood/Casablanca/Bellflower@Lamush (nnggggh)
    • Absolut@St. Petersburg
    • Amaranth@Briefly on Gangrel's nWoD game, can't remember the name now.
    • Melpomene@Windy City
    • Melpomene/Something Else@Crimson Dawn
    • Obsequy@Blood & Citrus
    • Lapis Lazuli@Wine Dark Sea (?? I think it was this one)
    • Cobalt@City of Fog and Blood
    • Roulette@Reno
    • Pluckytart@WildCard
    • Apple@Eldritch
    • Cobaltasaurus@FC
    • Obsequy@DescentMUX
    • Cobalt@Angel's Legacy

    Player Characters:

    • LAMush: December, Dara, Celeste, Carmin, Others.
    • City by the Bay: Jolene, Azura, Others.
    • Anomaly TrekMUX: Carvon, Devona, Beatrix.
    • Windy City: Gabe, Ivy, Parvani, Mourning, Briony, Others.
    • Northern Vampire Mysteries: Miriam
    • The Great Game: Lily (Whiteflower / Blanchefleur)
    • Haunted Memories: Alicia, Peta, Cytosine (Calla Lily), Kera, Others.
    • St Petersburg: Nika, Liliya, Toma, Marya.
    • Star Trek: Gamma One: Maiah, Girah, Voss, Ilya, Imele, Martin, maybe others.
    • The Reach: Annabeth (Autumn) Dunlin, Feline, Gussie, December, Kotu, so many others...
    • City of Fog and Blood: Faye, Penny, Mina.
    • Reno: Estelle, Harper, Malin, Giosetta.
    • City of Hope: Maya.
    • Let The End Times Roll: Rose, Lily.
    • Firan: Daliana, Cori (Jan 2014 - March 2014)
    • Saturnine Dreams: Dancing Amber Lights (Amber.
    • Hollow (@gattaca's changeling game): I don't remember!
    • Shangrila: Isadara (I was this for like three or four years, before I nuked out, if there's a new one it isn't me)
    • Darkwater v1: Gwen, a bunch of others.
    • Darkwater: the Magening: Pandora.
    • Darkwater GMC Changeling: Amber
    • Amber OTT @Sunny ran: Emmietta
    • Kushiel's Debut: Mylene, Emilie, Miella, Ambroise.
    • Fallcoast: Leah, Maris, Belle, Adelet, Nikki, Kanta.
    • Eldritch: Lily
    • Descent Mux: Athena
    • Angel's Legacy: Ariadne
    • Fallen World: Romance
    • Reno 2.0: Jordanne
    • Arx: Mirari (II), Clover (I), Saya
    • Fifth Kingdom: Seamair
    • Elua's Percept: Mylene
    • Fallcoast: Nikki, Lav, Kanta, Cobaltasaurus

    I may have forgotten some, but I don't really remember. :<

  • Tutorialist

    Updated with currents, and some I forgot. >.> Apparently having mushed for around 10 years now means its quite a list. I know there's some other games I've played on but can't remember the name. :<

  • Pitcrew

    Blood and Citrus was so fun for a bit. I liked Miami as a setting.

  • Pitcrew

    I too liked Blood and Citrus... UNTIL YOU LEFT!!!

  • @Cobaltasaurus I am amazed you remember even that many places and characters. I do not, for example: We both played on St. Petersburg, but I can't even remember my characters name.

    My brain is not as good at recall as it used to be...

    Well done.

  • Tutorialist

    @Lithium S'okay! I remembered to add my staff name for BAC, not the two PCs I had there. To be honest I can't remember the name of my werewolf there, though I can of my vampire (Mira, I think), but only because I'd looked up a name that meant 'water' or something related to water, since she was an insane water vampire.

    My memory is this weird patchwork thing. Something said or something I see can cause to remember something with clarity that before I hadn't even been aware I remembered. Or if I'm really paying attention to something I'll generally remember it. If I'm doing multiple things -- you might have to tell me the same thing multiple times to get to stick.


    @Pyrephox: Fort Lauderdale!

  • Pitcrew

    @Cobaltasaurus At least I got the state right? >_>

  • I just wanted to chime in and say I liked the two formats you used. Both work well, one for someone looking for specifica names, the other for looking for games. Very nice.

  • @Cobaltasaurus

    Memory is a fun thing like that. Looming for specific information doesn't work so well, it's designed instead to have bits of information point from one thing to another.

    If one thinks of it like a computer, one would think that minimizing the amount of space a thought or memory takes up would allow for more clear memories. It doesn't at all work that way though. The more memories each thoight is anchored to the stronger the memory will be because the more pointers there are to it.

    Brains are funny things.

  • Tutorialist

    Updated because why not. All the cool kids do it. :P

  • Tutorialist

    Updated. (No I'm not coming back to actively post, just want my friends who happen to play on Arx to be able to find me. <3)

  • Tutorialist

    Updated to note current alts on Arx, and added Seamair on Fifth Kingdom.

    Also, also. Guys.

    I've been playing Nikki-- at least enough to not get idle frozen --since /december of 2015/. Someone give me a fucking gold star.

  • Tutorialist

    Updated: Playing on Arx, Descent, and Valorous Dominion in varying levels of activity.

  • @cobaltasaurus said in Cobalt's Playlist:

    Inglewood/Casablanca/Bellflower@Lamush (nnggggh)

    Hey, what's with the nnggggh?!

  • Tutorialist

    @ixokai I don't remember, tbh. Probably because I had three different staff names. >.> And that's not including the time that I was Santa Monica.

  • Tutorialist

    Updated as I've condensed down to just playing on Arx again. If anyone knows of a good space-type game I'd be interested in that!

  • Pitcrew

    Hope and pray that The Expanse game gets made. That's what I'm waiting for when it comes to sci fi.

  • Tutorialist

    @testament yeah that looks super interesting, I need to watch season 2 on Prime now. :p

  • Tutorialist

    Updated, you can find me on Fate's Harvest or on discord or the two games I'm working on.

  • @cobaltasaurus Think it's more than two :P

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