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  • I came across a flat earth video today during lunch. It was hilarious, I want to work it into my next GUPRS game, where the PCs are part of a secret cadre dedicated to keeping THE SECRET.

    They will hypnotize pilots, use their alien technology to intercept boats going too close to THE EDGE and all that jazz.

    I'm just stumped on the reason why. Sure, there's the smug sense of superiority they will achieve by knowing THE SECRET, but that feels a bit flat. What kind of payoff would one get by falling off the edge of the world? Should this be an aspect of an In Nomine game? Are they angels trying to keep people from accidentallying into hell? Maybe the oceans drain into the lands that the Gnomes of Zurich are from, and they want all of the world's salt water for themselves?

    Do you think this would work better if the people are every day schmoes who stumble upon evidence, like a normal illuminati game, then get caught up in things?

    Have you ran an illuminati game? What worked?

    I should lay off the cherry coke, I'm bouncing around here.

  • Pitcrew

    This tends to be in most L&L games but it's usually a minority of secret society PCs rather than it being the central theme of the game. It's hard to give examples without ruining meta sekrets but if this is what you're after you could try sending a pm to a headmin of a game and ask if there's any groups like this they'd consider letting you apply into.

  • Pitcrew

    To prevent the Bottomlanders from finding out about us. Those bastards are terrifying, with their zeppelins and their goatees.. The players aren't just protecting the secret, they're protecting the world from the Bottomlanders (and occasionally crossing over to the Bottomland to foil expeditions there that might discover us here on the Topland).

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