• So I mentioned this in passing in another topic, but these forums have an option for deleting a user and all their posts with a click. I decided to experiment with it for the few unwelcome souls that find you guys irresistible. In the latest instance, I woke up this morning to half a dozen flags from people that resulted in a user account being deleted that had accumulated 30 posts.

    I would encourage you to try not to feed the trolls as their posts will likely disappear and we lose some context. I don't like deleting posts in general, but when someone has been asked to leave the forums, I don't think allowing them to continue the conversation over multiple iterations of accounts to be enough of an incentive to not do so.

    If it seems to be breaking too much in the way of continuity for you guys, let me know.

  • My immersion is ruined. Or something.

  • Admin

    I, for one, welcome our new post-deleting overlords.

  • I think I can accept the 4chan army not having their works of great internet literature preserved (thank you!).

  • Pitcrew

    glitch wrote a theme song for himself and sings it in the shower