Ark: Survival Evolved / Conan: Exiles

  • Pitcrew

    #1: Anyone have a server they play on with a minimally toxic atmosphere?

    #2: Is there any interest in the MUSH community in playing one of these if someone purchased server space somewhere?

    The reach had a Minecraft server for a moment and that was fun.

  • Every time I try playing Ark again, I end up supremely upset after losing everything to some dino, unable to get back to retrieve my stuff, and storming off for a while. >.>

  • I adore Ark, and will happily kick a couple bucks towards shared space.

  • Pitcrew

    I have both, but I don't play very often.

  • Pitcrew

    Cool. Keep posting preferences. I'll look at pricing a server out of we get about 5

  • I have a private server that my wife and I play on. I go with a cheap plan ($12/month) so it only supports 25 people but I'd be willing to go in on a MUX server for either. I'd check out Active Game Hosts. They're who I use and I've never had a problem with them.

    I also don't mind if people pop onto my private. At least at the moment. We run the Annunaki mod though. If you want a quiet server to just screw around on just look up Kung Pao Pom.

  • @ZombieGenesis Curious. Do you alter the taming rate for dinos at all? I've seen two camps for it, mostly. The people that insist you can't really play the game without altering it and the people that insist if you alter it then you're cheating and thus terrible. I prefer to alter it to something slightly more realistic for people that have jobs and lives outside of taming a dinosaur... but I can play it either way.

  • @Miss-Demeanor I do. Keep in mind it's really just 3 of us on the server (me, my wife, and someone from my work). The taming aspect of the game kills us. So I modify the taming rate and I've altered the night/day ratio so we have more daylight.

  • @ZombieGenesis Good deal. I can handle not taming dinos, but damn do they make gathering a bit easier.

  • @Miss-Demeanor That's no joke.

    I really enjoy The Ark but I do not think I'd be playing it if it wasn't on a private server. I found the public servers to just not be fun. If you weren't part of a large tribe you had to beg, murder, and pray for any sort of resources...just to have some jerk lead a stampede of brontos through what you have managed to build. It was too much work for not enough enjoyment.

    What I love about the private server is that we can tweak things to fit our play style. We have the Annunaki mod installed for some diversity but have toned the difficulty down from max dino level 600 to 240, tweaked day/night, and made taming a bit easier (though even at 3x it just took me almost 2 hours to tame my first bronto...). We also actually have dinosaurs and resources to gather. My wife and I tried playing on a PVE public server when we first got into it and finding something as simple as dodos to kill for meat and hide became just impossible. We went weeks without seeing wild dinos and could hardly build anywhere because people would just lay down a foundation here and there to prevent people from doing just that. It was frustrating as hell.

    Private servers? Just plain fun. Except when a wild carno blindsides you and you can't find your body...

  • Oh, I've noticed some new logins on my server. Just a final word, we do use global chat instead of proximity chat. Like I said, for the past 3 months it's just been 3 people on there. :)

  • @ZombieGenesis If you want to kick it down to 30 minutes or less (pizza time, woo!), make the dinos gain hunger faster. That way they eat more... and thus tame faster. That said... a bronto in 2 hours is nothing to sneeze at. :) I mostly just want my flock of giant meat-eating birds that carry all my stuff for me. XD

  • @Miss-Demeanor Oooh, thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to keep that in mind. :)

  • Plan on picking this game up once it goes on sale on Steam.

  • @ZombieGenesis Welcome!

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