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  • This is a long shot, but I'm going to ask with hope in my heart!

    I'm looking for all four seasons of a show broadcasted on CBC (Canadian TV station), called "Battle of the Blades". I've searched as many torrent sites as I know, checked YouTube (which only seems to have short clips and not full episodes), and checked CBC website, looked for it on DVD, etc. I've found nothing, and I'd really like to watch it.

    Can anyone magic up a copy, either DVD (which I will happily pay for) or torrent or some other file format?


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    Nevermind me, I didn't check the site past one link and it's a poopy site that makes you sign up for eleventy billion things to watch anything. Sorry!

  • @Insomnia I'd definitely be okay with it if I could figure out how to make it work. I made an account, logged in, clicked the link for season one, episode one, but it just sits there as a little grey screen with dots on it and won't load. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? The ads in the separate space on the screen all play...

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