Changing Breeds: Durgar's Blessing

  • Durga’s Blessing (•• or •••)

    When the goddess Durga rode into battle on her tiger, she conferred her immortal ferocity upon his descendants. Ages later, this Aspect lets a character heal aggravated damage to himself. For one Essence point, the feral can regenerate a single Health point lost to aggravated damage. If the feral can spend more than one Essence per turn, he may do so and heal that number of Health points. This healing, however, is limited by the character’s Feral Heart dots; the points of damage healed in one battle cannot exceed his Feral Heart trait. Bashing and lethal damage remain unaffected by this Aspect.

    Weretigers, thanks to their ancestral legacy, pay only two dots for this Aspect; all other characters (werecats included) pay three dots. This healing works in any form, and manifests as a glow of bright orange light around the wounds as they heal.

    I'm floundering. Recently a feral character posed instantly regrowing a chopped off limb due to having this merit. I can't find any documentation for this, and know that in vamp sphere regrowing a limb is a matter of days/weeks. Does anyone have some info on this?

  • @Pondscum

    I mean, as that's worded, sounds pretty legit, assuming he healed all the damage from whatever took his arm off?

    Healing upwards of 5 agg damage on the spot is repairing a LOT of damage. (I assume 'Feral Heart' is the Changing Breeds power stat or something, so around a 5 in it would be pretty common.)

    As for vamp, I think that's just a matter of their natural healing rate. Vamp is 5 vitae and daysleep to heal 1 agg, iirc?

    Now, is that merit ridiculous? Uh, yes. But it seems pretty clear. I mean, you can't heal all your agg, be in fine condition and...still be missing an arm?

  • It's not... really a merit. Aspects are more equivalent to a discipline or a gift.

    And like @Tempest mentions, being able to heal agg -- even at a much slower rate -- is default built in to the vamp template, not a power that needs to be bought separately (even if it's only 10-15xp).

  • Pitcrew

    Please can it initially heal as a little baby arm that has to grow during the next stage of combat wangery? Please?!??

  • Pitcrew

    @mietze said in Changing Breeds: Durgar's Blessing:

    Please can it initially heal as a little baby arm that has to grow during the next stage of combat wangery? Please?!??

    alt text

    (Someone was going to do it.)

  • Severed limbs are generally treated as a seperate thing, in Werewolf and I believe Vampire it requires a WP dot to be spent to regrow it. In Mage it can only be done with Life 5, and only for a limited amount of time.

    WoD is kinda weird with how damage is represented since only a few very spesific instances of powers or fighting styles actually literally say you remove limbs. The Aspect in question can obviously heal agg with ease, but severed limbs as mentioned is generally treated as a seperate issue. Any Werewolf can be healed of agg with Rite of Healing, but you gotta spend the WP dot to regrow an arm. A Mage with Life can easily heal agg, but it's a Mastery spell to regrow limbs. etc.

    So I would question him posing that, but I am also a little in the way of, it's just flavour text basically. How many cool ways can you pose getting torn apart without actually getting torn apart.

    Werewolf: Blood of the Wolf p18
    Mage: The Awakening p193
    Unable to find Vampire so might be talking out of my ass.

  • Pitcrew

    Was the arm removed as a mechanical effect or as 'flavor text' due to a large amount of damage?
    If it was a result of a specific mechanic I would side eye the guy. If it was dueling flavor texts then meh no harm no foul no whistle play on.

  • @ThatGuyThere It was sliced off in combat.

    Thank you all for your responses. I kind of still find it a bit wonky that you can insta-regrow a limb, but a lot in WoD is kind of unbelievable when you think about it.

  • Pitcrew

    @Pondscum said in Changing Breeds: Durgar's Blessing:

    @ThatGuyThere It was sliced off in combat.

    You do realize that was not an answer to what I asked right as both of the situations I pondered can happen in combat.

    And yes shifter regen can be stupid fast in all forms of WoD though that is kinda a big part of what they do.

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