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    I'm a podcast newbie, but I've found I'm getting a taste for it.

    What are cool things to listen to? RPG, movies, comedy, give some ideas please. :)

  • Pitcrew

    No Such Thing As A Fish - cute trivia/comedy

    Sword and Scale - True crime

    Savage Lovecast - Sex advice columnist Dan Savage's podcast

    Undisclosed - in depth look at one court case each season, lots of first hand interviews/court and media tapes, etc. Very much like Serial (another podcast) but much more in depth.

    Reveal - investigative journalism, different and highly varied topic each week

    Outside podcast - pretty interesting topics of survival and adventure outdoors

  • Pitcrew

    http://www.happyjacks.org/ - RPG Podcast done by some friends of mine. Comedy + RPG goodness.

  • Pitcrew

    Council on Human Function - a panel of varied medical practitioners (warning: may include some woo) do a collaborative case study. It's pretty fun even if you aren't in a health services field I think.

    Criminal - more investigative journalism/crime mix. Varied topics

    There's a couple of parenting podcasts I enjoy too but I can add those later if people really want.

  • Film reroll is very fun and got me back into GURPs enough to convert my TT group.
    I like the ASOIAF podcasts like Radio Westeros and History of Westeros.
    Revolutions is a fun history podcast. I enjoy the guy's dry sense of humour.
    Hardcore History is a very popular one that comes out too slow. I especially enjoy the guy's 'quotation voice'.
    Radiolab is a fun one, they cover a variety of topics.
    Joe Rogan is very hit or miss. When he has guests you're interested in, it's great, but usually it's just him talking about pot, hunting and mma stuff.
    Serial is okay. The first season's pretty interesting, but I'm having difficulty keeping up with the second.

  • No one's mentioned it yet... so

    Welcome to Nightvale - it's been going on for a while, you'd probably want to check the archives, but it's fun. I feel like it has a touch of Twin Peaks and WoD silliness to it.

    The Moth - People share stories from their lives. Some of them are funny and some of them are rather deep and impactful (https://themoth.org/stories/war is one of my favorites).

    The Dollop - I was relatively recently introduced to this one. It's basically two guys going over weird/silly history.

    Stuff You Missed in History - Similar to above.

  • OMG my podcast list is so long. The ones that are currently keeping me company at work though are:

    Risk! - which is an awesome story telling podcast
    Sawbones - which is about where historically medicine has gone wrong (it's funny)
    Court Appointed - which is about where historically the legal system has gone wrong (also funny)
    WTF with Marc Maron for good interviews
    How Did this Get Made? For dissecting bad movies (though I find the older eps funnier than the newer ones)

    My daughter (where she here) would pipe up and suggest The Adventure Zone for a fun McElroys do D&D romp since that's her favorite too.

  • Banned

    I listen to:

    • Criminal -- covers real crimes that are fairly interesting for whatever reason (already mentioned by @mietze)
    • The Daily Shoah -- alt-right podcast that often has very funny skits, also interesting commentary
    • Darker Days -- World of Darkness / Chronicles of Darkness podcast
    • Distorted View -- an adult humor podcast "for freaks"

  • Pitcrew

    Man, I listen to a whole different slate than most people. Here goes my list:

    Ask Science Mike
    Phil Vischer
    The Liturgists

    True Crime:

    Science Vs.
    Intelligence Squared
    99% Invisible
    This American Life
    Planet Money
    Hardcore History

    NPR Politics
    Vox's Weeds
    Slate's Gabfest
    Common Sense

    Judge John Hodgman

    EWA Radio

  • Myths & Legends: Because you need to brush up on your Beowulf and your Jacalope and your Loki and your Sleeping Beauty derivatives and your nerd summarizing, well, myths and legends.

  • Pitcrew

    Lisse if you like serial I bet you will like Undisclosed, Criminal, and Reveal.

  • Pitcrew

    I haven't listend to Undisclosed. I do like Reveal when I listen to it. However, Criminal is one of those podcasts I had in my list and removed because it was one of those that I always skipped. It just doesn't hold my interest like others do. I suspect it's the length. I do tend to prefer longform, somewhere around 45 min - 60 min is perfect for me.

  • Pitcrew

    Hello From the Magic Tavern - Improv from the Land of Foon with Arnie a human who fell through a mystical portal behind a Burger King in Chicago, Chunt the talking badger and Eusador the blue wizard.

    We Hate Movies - They talk about bad movies in a funny way!

    How did This get made - A far more popular podcast that chats about bad movies with celebrities!

    OneShotRpg/Campaign - Campaign is a actual play star wars podcast about the crew of the Mynoch, good stuff. OneShot is their one shot podcast where they try out a new game each episode.

    Spontanianation - Improve with Paul F. Tompkins and guests.

    Critical Hit - Older D&D podcast, early stuff is what got me into Actual play podcasts

    The Adventure Zone - McElroy brothers and father play D&D, also good stuff.

  • @Lisse24 said in Podcasts:

    99% Invisible

    Ditto this.

  • Pitcrew

    History of Westeros Podcast is quite fun if you're into Game of Thrones.

  • @bladesurfer said in Podcasts:

    @Lisse24 said in Podcasts:

    99% Invisible

    Ditto this.

    Oh good, I've been running out of podcasts. I mostly listen to radio drama, which don't come out regularly.

    This became very, very long, so I'll title this section:

    === Thenomain's Ten-Second Reviews =======================

    My current list, in order of my adding it, and what I think of it.

    • Decoder Ring Theatre: "Black Jack Justice", because I like noir, and some Canadians doing detective noir is fantastic. Great half-hour mysteries, but waaaay too slow release schedule for me. They're currently doing an audio book, one chapter at a time, but you want to listen to at least the first season just to feel connected with the characters. Classic radio drama.

    • Welcome to Night Vale: Do not look into the dog park. We've gone over this one on Soapbox before, but if you like a mix of Garrison Keeler's slice-of-life and Lovecraftian strangeness, then you're going to like WTNV. Some of the seasons do drag on (I'm not a fan of The Smiling God), but it's always trying something fun and strange. Presented in a style of listening into a local radio public service announcement.

    • Our Fair City: The world freezes over and the only known survivors live within what was originally an insurance company. Yeah, imagine your dystopian future is controlled by a business structure and everyone is known by their Policy Number, not their name. Sci-fi near future, but the science is more for show and gives often a silly, adventure-show veneer over the horrible future. This series is commentary on corporate culture, but I think they find logical reasons for their decisions, which makes me almost sympathetic with the iron-grip of tyranny these people live under. Good cast, absolutely fantastic audio effects.

    • Alice Isn't Dead: The second show from Night Vale Productions (see: WTNV, above). A travelogue, a woman takes a job as a truck driver and leaves her life behind to find her wife who she presumed was dead for several years. She hauls freight through Twilight Zone style situations, monologue her day's events to a dead CB channel so she can try to piece together what's going on. Pretty good; I like the writing, but it feels loose.

    • Ars Paradoxica: Another classic radio drama, heavy on the drama. A woman's science experiment from 20xx interferes with a naval experiment in 1936(ish) and gets sucked back in time. Time-travel is discovered, but can only go backwards to that point in time, and all the issues that arise. I like this series, but I have the same problem with it that I do many non-arc shows: Is anything going to get better for these people?! Paranoia, government agency, science, and a good hard look at what time travel means.

    • Within the Wires: Another Night Vale Production. I admit, I'm hooked. Season 1 is over, a complete and compelling storyline, a very The Prisoner undercurrent to this world where children are brainwashed at age 14 so they can be properly integrated into society, and The Institute who has collected our protagonist for being too interesting, for seeming to remember some stuff from before. The entire Season 1 is made of pre-recorded tapes from someone else who is there to prepare our protagonist for what comes next. A+, can't wait to see what they do next season.

    • Wolf 359: Three unlikely spacemen and one glitchy AI are waiting a long stint in a creaky space station around the star Wolf 359. At first I thought this was going to be a goofy slice-of-life show, like a toned down Red Dwarf, but by the end of the first season it became more like a study in paranoia and trust 7.8 light years from home. Classic radio drama. I'm probably going to drop this because it suffers the same "why must I listen to endless emotional pain" as Ars Paradoxica, but isn't, I think, anywhere near as compelling.

    • The Bright Sessions: A psychiatrist apparently helps people with psychic powers (TKs and TPs mainly) come to terms with their unusual physiological and emotional issues. Starts very slow with short episodes as a build-up to the main plot. Presented as a series of audio journals taken at the sessions; my favorite being the girl who can read minds who starts out believing that she's being guided by angels. Now that the main plot of Season 1 is complete, I'm worried that we will be treated with the same "never-ending soap opera drama" of Ars Paradoxica and Wolf 359. I do like it, tho, so I'm going to give it more time.


    • The Myths and Legends Podcast: Myth-loving history buff tells the myths and legends in his own voice, summarizing quite a bit very well; if he skips something, he'll tell you; if he takes great liberties, he'll pause for an aside. I added this one on a lark after seeing it in the "New & Notables" section of iTunes' podcast listing. Partially because I need to brush up on my folklore, and partially because eh, why not. What a great choice.

    • Science Vs.: Recommended by a co-worker. A woman with a science degree asks questions of modern issues and tries to find whether or not science supports or debunks them or, in some cases, neither. The episode on hypnotism was really great, and listening to this Aussie's voice is good. It's presented in a very Gen-X/Millennial or "Bill Nye" way where if we're going to put in sound effects to keep the mood very light then sure, why not.

    That's it. That's all I got.

  • Pitcrew

    Couple of D&D Actual Play podcasts I'm a fan of, if thats your bag:

    • Adventurers Anonymous - Great quality, compelling plot, awesome DM who is a Twitch D&D streamer by day
    • Venture Maidens - All female cast - great show!

  • Pitcrew

    I listen to it on occasion. I'm gonna take some suggestions from here but the one I like, because I'm such a fan girl of his, Mike Rowe: the Way I Heard it. Love that man.


  • Pitcrew

    Writing Excuses. If you're a writer or wanna write or just enjoy talk about writing. Fifteen minutes long: because you're in a hurry and they're not that smart.

  • @Coin Also The Nerdist Writer's room (GO all the way back to the beginning if you can) gives AMAZING insight into story design, tv script writing and all sorts of goodies about what goes on in the writer's rooms of some of your favorite shows.

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