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  • This is a question out of pure curiosity, but how appealing would an all OC superhero (marvel, dc, image, etc) be? Potentially to include the organizations and structures of standard comic themes (such as a Gotham city or an X-Mansion) but all characters are original creations. What would be the obvious pitfalls? Obvious benefits? I'd kicked around the idea for a MUSH like this, but I have no idea if it would even be worth the effort if there's no interest or draw.

  • Pitcrew

    Obvious pitfall #1 is that people are going to be their own 'original' version of Batman/Superman/Spiderman...etc. But that is to be expected, because I defy someone to name a powerset/hero that HASN'T been done in some way before.

  • I would probably try to curtail that as best as I could. I would be fine with someone having an adamantium skeleton or being a billionaire detective but if it's obviously Not!Wolverine or Not!Batman, no. Powerset copies are unavoidable.

  • I think most players who are fans of particular properties won't know how to act towards OCs. They won't get the genre and tone the other player imagines their character to live in.

  • I don't really understand the appeal of using the settings but not the characters. Why not just make an entirely original game?

  • What @Wizz said. I'd totally toll an original super hero game.

  • Pitcrew

    I'd be down for all original supers.

  • I could see giving this a shot, too. I've had a few ideas for supers over the years. Some are batshit freaky, but I liked 'em.

  • @Wizz Just as a framework of reference so people know the world in which they exist, really. It's not a necessary thing. It just provides a spawning ground that's familiar.

  • There was considerable interest in OC-only superhero games (compared to games with FCs) when I asked a similar question:

  • Thanks, fatefan, I'll take a look.

  • I think it's a decent idea. Make sure you flesh out the setting really good so the supers match the setting.

    An X-Men style group that focuses on meta-civil rights would be awfully funny in a setting where half of the country has elected people with purple skin.

  • @Nein I'd say its the only kind of comic game I've be interested in playing. In the past, its the only kind I have roleplayed, as seeing someone play Batman, (Or Han Solo in a SW game, or Harry Potter in a Harry Potter game) just makes me roll my eyes.

  • I would almost like to try this almost as an experiment, to see what happens when you remove the media/feature characters and rely on only original content. No preconceptions, just hypothesis-test-result.

    The supers games I've been on where FCs are present have caused the same sort of repeat problems that were brought up in the link fatefan posted. I've not been on these games long and I've already witnessed most of the problems detailed firsthand.

  • This idea has worked in the past on several occasions, but what makes or breaks you here is what system you are using.

    If the system is to complex then you have a hard barrier of entry (See Champions MUSH and other Hero System Games).

    If the system is to rules lite (IMHO FS3 falls into this) then everything is to homogenized and there's nothing really differentiating people except for flavor text when it comes to viability (The old if everybody is super, nobody is thing).

    If I were to do another one (I coded up an Aberrant Cgen once) I would probably use something like Strands of Fate or something like that.

    Fate can be made fairly crunchy while still being simple enough.

    Used to hate Fate but it's grown on me.

    It might also be worth doing to use say Marvel or DC and just have like a Night of Long Knives where /every/ FC is wiped out never to return... then how does the world react to the Chaos? Who steps up to fill the shoes?

  • @Nein said in All Original Supers Game:

    @Wizz Just as a framework of reference so people know the world in which they exist, really. It's not a necessary thing. It just provides a spawning ground that's familiar.

    Personally I would find that off-putting without setting elements that take center stage, like some sort of super-hero genocide like @Lithium mentioned. At that point though it's not really just a game "set in" the DC or Marvel universes, it's a game about a comic book apocalyptic scenario (as an example, or you could do far-future or distant-past, etc. etc.). Just having the set pieces float around without being able to reference the iconic faces is weird to me, but that's (again) personal opinion.

  • Personally, I'm a fan of Mutants and Masterminds and MARVEL Superheroic (MWP). I know there's MU systems for those floating around somewhere, but the games I've seen using those have had minimal success getting stood upright.

    In the meantime, I suggest people check out @ZombieGenesis DC game.

  • @Lithium Re: Fate, I'll just note for anyone interested that Venture City's powers-related rules are available on the Fate SRD site:

  • re: theme and setting elements, I'm kinda reading this as "not actually the Xavier school, but a reasonable analogue thereof" and similar -- I am sleep deprived as hell so I might be missing something, but if that's what's being suggested, awesome. If it isn't, it's what I'd suggest.

  • I have what I feel is a solid game-running idea for an X-Sphere game. Unfortunately, I don't have the free time RL to dedicate to being there enough for players, otherwise I'd give it a crack. I hate the idea of being that guy that's like: Well I'd play/staff but the responsibility of keeping the place up would be someone else's, so I don't.

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