Do you ever include non-Mu events into your games?

  • Recently on Denver, one of the staffers began running an Urban Brawl league, which I think is pretty cool. It allows for betting and trashtalking between fans, and it got me thinking about things.

    Has anyone thought about implementing an extra-mu game into their game? Like running a side Blood Bowl campaign via steam or whatever to see the results of the local football game, or just importing scores from RL sports leagues/stock markets/whatever for IC consequences?

    If so, has it gone well? I think this sort of thing could be fun for some of the background events that aren't vital, but might be interesting to the playerbase. I think it would be a hoot to have the BBoard news reporting on the wars in far off places by bringing up how a Heroes & Generals campaign is going, or the results of a Starcraft match.

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    While I have never tried it, I always thought it would be a lot of fun to have a Dream Park-esque cyberpunk campaign where the players generate two sets of characters: one for their "actual" characters, using Shadowrun or Cyberpunk 2020 or some similar set of rules. And then another set for the characters their characters play in virtual reality fantasy adventures, using AD&D rules. And then just switch back and forth between rulesets depending on whether we're in the "real" game or in the "virtual" game. That way you can have exotic fantasy adventures while lampshading some of the weirder elements of the way Dungeons and Dragons works, but they still have impact because if you "die" in-game, your "real" character's lifestyle suffers as a consequence ...

    Um. Anyway, that was sort of a roundabout answer. But I think it'd be neat.

  • I always wanted to be real meta and run a D&D campaign on Fallen World.

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    @Ganymede The Fate guy would ruin it. "hey, lookie that, another natural 20... huh, what do you know."

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    @Arkandel said in Do you ever include non-Mu events into your games?:

    @Ganymede The Fate guy would ruin it. "hey, lookie that, another natural 20... huh, what do you know."

    And then Shrike punches him in the face and tells him not to do that again.

  • I believe it was The Reach where we did something similar and played a D&D game ICly, then some crazy magic-fu happened and in our dreams we got trapped together and became the characters we were playing. It was fun.

  • We had a group talking about this on, yes, Shang. Said group all worked at a place and included a vampire, a witch, a drow elf, a werewolf... I mean seriously. We just had hella fun talking about how everybody would be playing parodies of each other and it would lead to throwing lots and lots and lots of dice at each other, constant fist-fights breaking out about how that's now how it works, etc.

  • When I was first really playing Haven I had a character that was going to run a game of Numenera. And he was actually going to RUN A REAL GAME, because at the time there was dice rolling code. I even made up ascii art based character sheets. But RL got in the way, and I lost like 90% of the pre-made character sheets I'd made, so I gave up.

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    I ran a tabletop game once where all the characters were in a fantasy world, but the big secret at the end of the campaign was that the fantasy world was a simulation set up by a mad AI - and every sentient being was a fragmented piece of this gigantic insane AI, including the players. And now that they'd conquered the simulation and restored sanity (if not unity), it was their job to deal with reality: that the ship they were on had just finished its long journey across the intergalactic void...and was entering an inhabited star system full of scifi/magic crossover stuff they'd have to deal with in robot bodies.

    Sadly, RL breakups wound up derailing said campaign. I've always kind of wanted to run a MU* with a similar thing but I don't know how I'd handle it.

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