Dresden Files Accelerated: Enough impetus for a new DF game?

  • I recognize even asking this question might potentially spur on the existing pro-/anti-Fate discussions, but the advent of (at least the electronically available version of) Dresden Files Accelerated--and its streamlining of much of the DFRPG mechanics--makes me wonder if it might be worth pursuing for a MU*.

    Of course, I can also see the potential for some mantles/character concepts being ripe for headaches, but I find myself wondering regardless.

  • There's at least one Dresden MU running (Dark Spires?). Iirc it's a FATE game. Never played there myself, though, so I'm not sure of its current state.

  • @Three-Eyed-Crow Good point--I suppose I should have mentioned its existence in my post. It makes use of the older DFRPG system and seems to have a decent amount of regular activity.

  • The older game being FATE instead of FATE Accelerated?

  • Dresden Files Accelerated instead of DFRPG.

  • I am coding standard Fate/DFRPG for the game I am working on. Aspects are powerful enough already, they don't need to be more powerful like the 'Accelerated' rules make them imho.

  • Dark Spires is still around, though I'm not sure how active. I quit some time ago but still have a friend that plays. The last thing they've said about it is that there's a lot of alts but not a lot of players, pretty slow overall, and not a lot of interesting plot. So, ymmv, I guess but there you go.

  • I love me some Dresdenverse.

  • @GangOfDolls Last time I looked it was on a bit of an upswing but I don't play there anymore since they gutted my character for no good reason, I literally have zero ways of advancing since they took refinement out and I was playing a wizard.

    Sure I can buy stunts or increase my fate pool but really... I would have liked to eventually learn all 5 evocations, maybe create some better focus items, etc.

  • @Lithium I quit when they made the decision to let a player back on the game who had been kicked off for sexually harassing female players because he claimed he had medical issue that caused him to do that. And if that's actually true, I was still pretty grossed out by the staff decision to prioritize someone who might or might not have a medical issue that causes them to be sexually inappropriate towards female players as more important than protecting female players from being harassed.

  • Pitcrew

    My limited skim-through of the latest DFAE version and my only slightly more thorough read of the version before that did lead me to believe that it was much more MUSH-able than the DFRPG. Don't get me wrong, the DFRPG is a great table top game and in it's base form certainly isn't any more complicated than comparable WoD titles (at least in my opinion) which folks use in MUSH environments all the time but it's based on an older, much less streamlined (and heavily modified) version of Fate. (Fate... 3.0 I think?). Fate Core and Fate Accelerated (upon which DFAE is built) are more polished and I think it's safe to say the Evil Hat folks learned a thing or two about how much crunch you really need for magic.

    DFAE is a lot more flexible and a lot less crunchy. I'm sure that'll be a draw to some and a drawback to others, but I personally like what Evil Hat did with it. For what it's worth I believe that the Darkspires folks had been considering moving to it - though I have no idea at all what the outcome of those discussions was. I haven't played there in some time.

  • @Kairos I have a similar sense that it's a bit more accessible and MU*able. DFAE also has some clear inspiration from a few of the PbtA games (such as how they've implemented Conditions), which I admit I am a huge fan of.

    However, I have not played on Dark Spires, so I am not so well-versed in what the likely player population would be like or what sort of broader DF-related MU* history/archaeology would influence possible interest (or lack thereof) in a DFAE game.

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