Post-Nuclear fun?

  • Hey kids. Long time no see. I've been quiet. RL has been eating my time up with stuff, but I'm working in more time to actually play again as things settle down. ANYWAY, I'm looking to scratch a few itches, so I was going to see if there was any existing, or any interest in starting up a game based on or inspired by Fallout or Wasteland. Anyone know of any? Or willing to work with me towards setting one up? I got setting knowledge out the ears.

  • I would be all over a Fallout game. If it happens, let me know.

  • @ShelBeast

    I can always help with building if you need it. :)

  • Sign me the fuck up for that.

  • I would LOVE a Fallout game and can help with descing grid spaces or whatnot, but I have zero code skills.

  • Well that's cool. Definitely some interest. I have zero coding skills or knowledge on how to set up a game, myself. But if someone were to do it, I am a stupidly complete source of lore information on the world settings (both Fallout and Wasteland) and could help with setting that stuff up.

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