Favorite MU* Scenes

  • We have a lot of 'GOD THAT SCENE WAS AWFUL' threads. I'd love to hear about some of your favorite scenes on a MU*. I'll start.

    • On Transformers: Genesis, I was playing a field medic, named Velocity (he was a Headmaster and a motorcycle). There was a lot of really fun RP on that game, but it was the first place I ever really had a lot of fun doing 'medic RP'. That is, the process of playing out the patching up/rebuilding of a smashed-up Transformer. Because it's an interesting social setup and dynamic. There was a plotline that ran on the game where an alternate-universe Rodimus Prime got blown into the game's universe when Unicron blew up. He was being driven insane by energy leaking from the cracked Matrix of Leadership. I got roped into, and headlined the plot, to repair it. Which involved cool flying around in space, fighting Decepticons as we tried to find a compatible crystal. Then I had to run like mad after we KOed alt-Roddy and I had to steal the Matrix from in his chest to fix it. It was one of the most fun series of scenes, and I had a really neat discussion on the concept of worthiness with the Jazz and Kup players.
    • On Heroes and Villains MUX, as Astronema, getting Carnage to make Baby Carnage symbiotes to mix with my monsters. There was a lot of interesting scenarios with that and various heroes on the game.
    • On Megaman MUSH, I played Rock/Megaman. There was a series of plots involving the Stardroids (godly space robots) judging earth as too 'evil' to exist. A lot of stuff went into this and, at the time, Rock was dating a human girl. Who sacrificed herself to end up saving the world. I think that's the first time I've ever cried from RP.

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