Metrolook Mediawiki skin, questions.

  • I've been tinkering with the code in the theme.less, but I am having a few issues. Basically I want to set it to a dark color scheme with white font and change the color of the weblinks. Has anyone fooled around enough with the skin to give me advice on how to tinker with it? I'm a total css n00b.

  • @Seamus

    The easiest way I've found to tweak CSS templates is to isolate one of the colors you want to change and its hex code. Then ctrl-f around for that hex code and you can usually find the part of the css that governs the color scheme, or at lest parts of it.

  • I've tried that, but metrolook uses the theme.less file on the server. And I'm too ignorant of CSS code to figure out how to properly put a hack into Common.css. I've seen more than a few wikis (Both gaming and non-gaming) using the metrolook, and it was completely dark.

  • Pitcrew

    You can generally dig up the original CSS theme files and edit them, but it's not a great idea if you ever think you'll end up updating the theme version (as all of your changes will be overwritten), which is why doing things on the MW-end is generally better. (Common.css, <Skin Name>.css, etc.) I took a glance at Metrolook's documentation and it looks like the theme.less file you're talking about is specifically for skin customization? There's no real way to do what you want without getting at least a little comfortable with CSS here. What I generally do, since I'm on Chrome, is do a right-click: Inspect Element deal on things I want to change so I can sort of figure out where they exist in the CSS and copy that over to Common.css or whatnot and edit the value to what I want. I'm not a CSS expert, either, but if you show me what you're working on I can probably help you at least adjust things like the background.

    Just a note, from someone who has taken a default light skin and turned it dark: you're probably going to find more stuff to change as you go apart from just background, text, and weblinks. I know I kept finding little bits and pieces optimized for light backgrounds.

  • @Seamus
    Can you link us to one that has the 'dark' look you want?