Fallen World MUX 1.0

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    Greetings, Sleeping masses!

    Fallen World is a Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition game set in Manhattan, NY, where, years ago, the Seers of the Throne won. By betraying an alliance with the Pentacle, the Seers sent the Orders scattering in the wind. The Adamantine Arrow, Free Council, Guardians of the Veil, Mysterium and Silver Ladder lost everything. Now, four years later, a new generation of mages flock to Manhattan with its unsolvable Mysteries and its lost treasures. And they want it all. In secrecy they pour back into hostile territory to take back what is theirs by birthright, in pursuit of the Supernal and vengeance against the men and women of the Iron Pyramid.

    Setting: January 2017, The Occult Warzone of Manhattan

    The Pentacle has recently gained a foothold in Manhattan and founded its new Consilium in abandoned chambers under the Grand Central Station. While the young mages fight to overcome their distrust with the grizzled veterans the Mysterium attempts to take back their Athenaeum and the Guardians of the Veil stare at the precipice of another Austere crisis.

    The Seers of the Throne observe from their Hallows hundreds of meters above the ground, guarding the Fallen World for their masters while juggling the increasingly more troublesome Pentacle insurrection and their own backstabbing colleagues.

    The Tremere act in silence, draining the very soul of the Fallen World to feed the Seventh Watchtower somewhere beneath Manhattan, the soulstones of the former Councilors in their possession. Ansho come and go all over the island, denying mages of their greatest advantage over their foes.

    Vampiric alliances of the Silver Ladder watch a war they can barely comprehend from the dimmest corners of Manhattan while the Lupine gangs of Brooklyn salivate at the thought of revenge against the mages who captured and experimented on their brethren.

    Manhattan is a small island, but a mage’s work is never done.

    Fallen World features:

    Fallen World 1.0: We have been open since July, but since then we have made many changes to the game based on player feedback! New policies have been made in regards to alts, uncapping experiences, Sanctums, crafting, Perfected Materials, Legacies, Order Requisitioning, Status, Dynasties and much more! If you are a first timer or was looking to get your mage back on, the time is now!

    Influence The Outcome: The mages of Manhattan recently saved the remnant of a Dynasty that has since become available for play. The Consilium has been formed and decides how to tackle the threats besieging the Pentacle from all sides. Deciding the direction of war as a Councilor of the Consilium or Voter of the Free Council, as a front line spellcaster or Sleepwalking Ansho explorer, there is much to be done and many things to explore.

    Weekly Stories: Our team of storytellers is organized and equipped to provide the game with a lot of chaos and fun, running at least one scene per week in relation to one of the bigger plots of the game. We are also always looking for more people willing to run scenes for others!


    M:tAw 2E! Manhattan! JOIN US AT FALLENWORLDMUX.COM PORT: 1984!

    I made a new thread but the feedback we got from the previous one was not forgotten, it was taken to heart and it helped us improve and take the shape we have nowdays! Thanks to everyone who was so respectful and insightful in light of my shortcomings! <3

  • Pitcrew

    I've had a lot of fun playing at FW so far and am looking forward to spending more time there with some of my favorite Mage characters. If you're thinking of giving it a try, I encourage you to do so!

  • Pitcrew

    I've been with Fallen World since the beginning and I've had a blast. I barely even understood Mage when I started but everyone is so nice and helpful that I'm kinda understand Mage now. Ha!

    But seriously, everyone is cool and nice and come play with us, please?

  • Pitcrew

    I haven't played on Fallen World, and I don't know who the folks are that run it, but I do know that skew @ Fallen World has been super helpful to us on NOLA, and seems like a pretty okay human being. I hope this game does well!

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    HURT LOCKER: Stats are In          Fri Feb 17    Thenomain
    Wow. I...don't know what to say. All the Merits from Hurt Locker are now in. If 
    you had any, they're now reflected on your sheet. 
    We did have to split Grappling into Grappling and Clinching. We did have to 
    split Martial Arts into Martial Arts and Muay Thai. If you had these merits, we 
    did a little hand-waving to keep the levels they bought under the old or assumed 
    Important caveat: CHARGEN AND BUYING IS NOT IN YET. If you want these merits at 
    Chargen, if you want to buy these merits, contact your nearest staffer.
    'Transfer Maneuver' also isn't in yet. It's complex enough that if it's coded, 
    it needs more attention than the rest of the system.
    But otherwise, consider Hurt Locker stats fair game. Enjoy. And hey, thanks.

    (edit: formatting, whups about over-promising)

  • @Thenomain

    So, Muay Thai is the new levels in Martial Arts? And Clinching is the new levels in Grappling?

  • @Ganymede said in Fallen World MUX 1.0:


    So, Muay Thai is the new levels in Martial Arts? And Clinching is the new levels in Grappling?

    Yes and no, in that order.

    Muay Thai is the new levels in Martial Arts. We had to split Grappling so that the level 4/5 of one of the new Grappling levels matched one of the old Grappling levels (I think Grappling 3), due to prereqs. That particular prereq is not coded yet, either; staff has to be sure to count style tags until I get the xp/spend and stat/set systems doing it themselves.

    Fortunately it's kind of easy. stat tag:striking/* will show you all the stats with 'tag:striking', which is how we're marking style tags. @skew will be adding these tips and instructions to cgen rooms and wiki pages.

  • Pitcrew

    On NOLA, we simply entered each level of Grappling or Martial Arts from Hurt Locker as its own separate 1-dot merit with a pre-req of Grappling or Martial Arts at a level one level below the level it represented.

  • @RDC

    Yeah, but when have I ever done anything the easy way? The only reason I split these overlapping fighting styles into two different merits is because it was becoming teeth-grindingly implausible to go back and re-create the entire "list class" trait system. Now that I have the code logic to allow skipped levels, I can give 'cg/check' the power it needs to finalize this project.

  • Pitcrew

    I just joined the game a couple of days ago and got approved, and so far I'm having a great time! Everyone has been super friendly and has been encouraging to a self-professed Mage newbie.. Great group of people! Recommended.

  • D'aww. I was hoping that this would be a Fallen London Mush!

  • Pitcrew Banned

    This game seems to have a great high concept but what do people actually do on a day to day basis?

  • Supposedly rp, investigate and explore and get into side adventures, but numbers are really low so it is usually just +events that happen until more people show up and participate. The game itself is good. People just aren't into it for some reason. Some just don't like Mage or this edition in particular.

  • Admin

    Mileages may vary obviously but I found it very sandbox-y - you could get some RP if you were in the right circles. But as far as the grid was concerned much of the RP happening was basically of the "dating with magic" variety.

  • Because it is 2.0, you should be doing things to resolve your asperations and get all the beats, because XP. Like, when I was on Reno, my new-to-town werewolf started with 'find a pack'... so I found a wolf in a pack. Then it became 'join pack', which could not happen until 'Meet X', 'Meet Y', and 'Meet Z' was finished. All of this happend within the first week.

    I don't know how this works with the XP cap that FW has, as you may stop getting rewards for your RP (which is kind of the whole point of the Asperation/Beat system)

  • @Arkandel I never found that to be the case at all. Or anywhere close. People are always gonna do their stuff in private rooms (I'm guess), but grid public stuff was very much away from that.
    What I found was very little effort to do anything in the game besides show up to +events. Like resolving aspirations. I rarely saw anyone work towards those, but the same people would complain about the slow gain of free xp. Made no sense.
    I mean the system in place is you make up your own scene conditions, you have a scene about those conditions, you get xp. And yet for some (many) that is too much work.

  • Tutorialist

    So, my experience here was mixed.

    No Obsessions is weird. Not a total deal breaker, but why would you neglect this mechanic?

    A bit too much in the way of custom stuff right out of the gate. The game is brand new, take your time, guys. Give them a chance to put out more than one book, maybe, before you start retooling all the things.

    Seers are not playable. Which is kind of lame. Same old same old.

    But importantly -- their entire plot so far seems to revolve around an ongoing war with the Seers of the Throne. A war on the scale that doesn't happen basically ever. It's very, very immersion breaking.

    And most importantly! If you aren'the ready to go charging headfirst into the Seers, even though the game clearly advertises that you can supposedly do other things, you won'the find rp. And the little RP you do find will be trying to recruit you into the stupid war effort, and kicking you outside the Circle when you remind folks that their plan is batty.

    The system is shiny. The code is set up nice. And if this is your thing, you will enjoy it immensely. If you're looking for something a bit more by-the-book, I advise you to app with caution.

  • @Derp The problem is, with the limited XP, you /need/ the custom stuff open quick. Want a Legacy? You only have so much time to get your prereqs for it and advance within it, so they need to be written up before so you know what you're doing. It feels like SW Saga, where you have to create your end-build first, and then plan out your advances so you can actually get there.

  • @Jennkryst There's no XP cap anymore. They got rid of that shortly after the time people started hitting it. There's a limit on how much free/auto xp you get. But that's not really the same thing.
    @derp What custom stuff? The only thing that might be considered custom is that they allowed/converted some 1st edition merits for use in the game. And do you really want to have PCs v PCs at war? And the number of scenes where people are charging headfirst into a battle with Seers has been like... 3 maybe. It seems like maybe you got caught up into someone's rabble rousing ICly even though things don't really go down like that. And if they do, it is few and far between. The "war" is mostly negotiating, looking for allies, finding objects and info that could help against the Seers, that kind of thing. Straight up fights are rare. So there's a little something for everyone.

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