Fading Suns 2017

  • It's a new year and it looks like no Fading Suns games gained traction. I haven't been on this forum in many many months. Anything interesting? Anyone interested? Discuss wishlist items? Do people still play MU*s?

    I'm so lost.

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    People still play MU*s but I think Fading suns is a 'hard sell'. now. Maybe 1879, instead of not-Dune in SPAce?

  • Pitcrew

    Songtress might be right. I absolutely love Fading Suns as a setting to the point where I have run multiple table tops using it and unlike a lot of folks i like the system as well, that said after my experiences on Star Crusade and L+L games in general I know i would avoid a Fading Suns Mu*.
    I would not be surprised to see another pop up as there are a few folks that are really devoted to the setting so one never knows what the new year could bring.

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    I know for me, I started reading Fading Sun and went: THis is interesting, and then discovered that the 'cool' part of the setting is ultimately (from what I was reading) 'punished'.

  • It looks like in my absence, a Dune game that Ataru generated lots and lots of buzz for never happened either. :( Or if it did, people are being super quiet about it so I don't ruin it.

  • @Apollonius

    Ataru is at the Star Wars game I'm at. It's pretty good so far.

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    @Ganymede What game is this? Mostly because I miss Star Wars... MU*s that aren't.... I don't wanna talk about it.

  • Pitcrew

  • I did do a fair bit of work on a Fading Suns game, with maps, writeups, etc for the local setting, but although there was plenty of interest in playing on such a game there was no real interest in helping with staffing one. A lot of it was very deliberately in a different style to the previous games with things probably closer to turn of the century Russian Empire rather than outright medieval, a lot more technology and a larger scale plus distinctly more 'Space', rather than everything being outright medieval and entirely local.

    If anyone is interested then I would be happy to try to dig up said files and send them over, or collaborate.

  • @Autumn said in Fading Suns 2017:

    @Songtress It's http://swdod.com/.

    Buyer beware, this is just generations of darkness under a new name.

  • @Alzie I am testing this game out. I'm assuming Generations of Darkness had some baggage? Though this thread is probably not the place to take it.

  • Pitcrew

    Different Ataru.

  • Pitcrew

    @BobGoblin said in Fading Suns 2017:

    Different Ataru.


  • @Alzie Some of the staff that fled GoD when it imploded, used the db to make a new game, minus Vaapad. It's technically a completely different game, and a pretty good one, from what I have seen so far.

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    There is more than one Ataru?>

  • Because I don't like making threads:

    Bundle of holding is offering up Fading Suns 2 on their site in case someone doesn't have all of their books.

  • Well... because it was necro'ed ....

    @Faceless @BobGoblin @Songtress @Ganymede @Apollonius

    There are two Atarus. The one on that SW game mentioned above in the thread is not me.

    I am the one who worked on the Dune game. Which is still up and I've actually been fiddling with it over the last couple of weeks. Maybe it will get off the ground. It won't require much, though I still don't know what and if a game system will be used.

    Also thank you @golgoth for the link, I think I'll pick those up as they may prove useful. Cheers!

  • Pitcrew

    @Ataru said in Fading Suns 2017:

    There are two Atarus. The one on that SW game mentioned above in the thread is not me.

    Then I stand corrected. Sorry.

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    @Ataru Dune game!

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    "Stuff in space is a hard sell"

    Maybe on MU Soapbox, where like 90% of the people are WoD players and aren't even anywhere near a reflection of the entire hobby (a true statement that will continue to sting and be debated regardless of its truthiness).

    Just make your shit, open it, don't suck, and you'll get players.

    Ignore literally everyone else's advice if you don't want to be stuck in a perpetual state of:

    "I want to do something cool."

    "It's not vampires, it won't work, the hobby is dead."

    "Oh, alright, guess I'll make a WoD game."

    I'm not trying to shit on people's perspectives and experiences, but in this place the perception of the hobby tends to be extremely narrow and limited in its scope, especially when it comes to people's opinions of attracting players from outside of it or people from parts of it that aren't literally just WoD (you don't have to reply with "But I don't even play WoD/RP at all", it misses the general point).

    If you want to do something, do it. Who cares if people on MU Soapbox won't play it, you can still get like 50-100 players without a single person in this area of the hobby wanting to play it.

    Just do you to the best of your ability and hope you don't suck, and there's literally no reason you won't succeed.

    Being a MU creator is pretty much like being in a meritocracy. It doesn't freaking matter what you do or what you make as long as you do it well. I can't account for one's own perception of quality, but I can say that if you are truly passionate and you truly do make something fun and engaging, you will attract an audience and it don't matter if something is a "hard sell" in one narrow area of the hobby.

    And while I'm sure someone is going to have the original idea to challenge my statements with MUDstats numbers, I learned a long time ago that this isn't anywhere near a true reflection of people actually in the hobby and just don't have anywhere they find interesting to play. Which is a part of why you occasionally see a random ass theme get a bunch of players over night (and die just as fast due to staff sucking). Or, when you advertise correctly and take advantage of SEO, how many roleplayers from outside of the hobby can find a game (which is one of the reasons having a wiki that isn't completely shitty is essential these days).

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