The Secret Life of (Your) Pets

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    I've decided to dip my toe and see if anyone is interested in this. Want to show off pics of your dog, cat, lizard, bird, snake, rock, whatever? Do it here. Having a problem with your pet and want advice? Do it here. Want to tell stories or mention funny things your pet? Do it here. Have questions about breeds, adoptions, need recommendations for local vets, etc? DO IT HERE.

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    Alright, let's go through my local bestiary.

    This is my alpha dog, Daphne (Daffy).


    We found her wandering the streets as a puppy, hobbling on one leg trying to follow a random old lady around who was having none of it. She ran over immediately when we stopped the car and called her over, and turned out her feet worked just fine the next day. She's a bit of a bitch with other small dogs (there can only be one cute dog around and we all know who that is) but she's sweet with larger breeds and gets along pretty well with cats. She just... has some anger management issues now and then - fewer as she gets older - where she sees red if another dog gives her lip. And she's terrified of curtains and grates.

    Onwards to Ruby.


    Ruby is the sweetest, most submissive dog ever. She's a rescued stray as well who basically found us; one evening we were walking home, she saw us and just...followed us there. We didn't know if we wanted another dog yet (Greece has a real stray issue) so we were mulling it over, but she basically sat on our doorstep until we opened the door and let her in anyway. Somehow she got along with Daphne right away - as mentioned earlier that's not a given - which we think is because Ruby's born to be a minion. She constantly thinks she's about to die and her face is stuck in poor-me mode, but she's very pushy for petting most of the time anyway.

    And finally the bitch of the family - Rusty.


    Rusty's a moluccan cockatoo and she can be the cutest, sweetest thing in the universe when she's showed with attention and a complete raging screaming monster when she's not. Cursed with the intelligence of a 3-year human she will snarl "PRETTY BIRD" at you if she thinks she's slighted, but although her beak can and does frequently crush all sorts of inanimate objects that find their way into it she's never as much as nicked anyone enough to cause even slight pain. She's all talk, but that's a lot of talk. :) She will also quite happily nestle under my chin for two hours while I watch a movie and barely even stir, only alternating which wing she wants to be petted under now and then.

    And that's it, since I've posted pictures of Izzie (aka Cancer Cat) in the past somewhere else in these forums. She's still tickin', by the way, so who knows. :)

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    This dorkface greyhound is Rock.

    The racing tattoos located on the inside of his ears indicate he's from Ireland, however he was found by a Canadian Humane Society group, rescued from neglectful owners who tried to keep him outdoors in the middle of winter. Greyhounds have no body fat, and even though Irish dogs have a slightly thicker pile to their fur, they still suffer when exposed to extremes of weather. He was transferred from the Canadian group to the greyhound rescue local to me.

    He was the second dog I looked at. BestieRoomie is the one who drew him to my attention. Within a few moments he was leaning against me during our introduction and I knew he belonged with me. Unfortunately, the rescue didn't know a whole lot about his training (or lack thereof).

    Rock loves walkies, running, treats, doing this thing called 'roaching' where he lays on his back with his legs straight up in the air, and contorting his body into yoga master level positions. He's really smart but also sneaky, he loves to steal things and deposit them in the yard. He also hates crates. He doesn't bark often, but when he does it's quite load, and otherwise he moans, groans, whines and chitters. Small furry things are for killin'. He's usually very popular at adoption group volunteer booths, and one lady likes to call him her favorite "Ambassadog". He does a shimmy dance when you scratch his butt and loves his neck and ears scratched.

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    12/10 would pet well.

  • I'm sure I've posted this before somewhere but...


    These are my current liegelords. On the left, the orange tabby is DJ (short for Don Juan, though he has long since proven himself to be more of a Don Quixote) and the calico is Glitter (my oldest son named her). Glitter is the princess, and DJ is our resident grump who will not sit on laps because legs are SCARY.

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    I love calicos! Ginger toms are cute as well, but calicos to me are just friggin' adorable.

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    This isn't MY dog, but considering I helped raise her and visit her every other day, I feel somewhat proprietary. Jinx, my bestie's shiba inu:


  • Awww. All these guys are too cute!

    Here's my brood...

    This is Yoda. He just turned 6. He runs the house. Well he thinks he does. I have a cat that disagrees.

    This is Aayla Secura. She's our little crackhead. I seriously cannot believe the amount of energy she has.

    This is Jaina Solo. She's the newest member of the family. She's also the most stubborn and bullheaded. She's mastered the art of the "I'm sorry" face though.

    This is Zoey. We rescued her from the pound a few years ago. She has a lot of health problems (she's deaf, mostly blind, and is losing control of her bodily functions) but we love her and hope to make her final years comfortable and happy. This picture was our attempt to get her to wear a doggie diaper. It did not go over well. She no longer wears a diaper.

    This is Veronica Mars. She runs the house. Of that there is no question. She's a sweetheart but takes no crap from the dogs.

    I also have another cat named Charlie but I can't find a pic of him at the moment. He adopted my wife and I about 15 years go. One very cold Thanksgiving evening he just sort of ran into the house. He's lived with us ever since.

    My wife and I don't have actual kids so these guys fill that role for us. We love them to death. :)

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    Should I be concerned that I know I have RPed with some of you, not because of your char names, but because I'm like --- OH! That pet looks familiar.

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    This is Max. His breed is .... who knows. Seriously, anyone? Anyone know? He'll be 2 in April. I found him when he was abandoned by his 'family'. He was covered in oil and dirt and looked dark brown (so did my lap). I've had him for a little over a year.

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    @Catsmeow I heart rescues.

  • 0_1483542962546_15823380_10104250213639759_1439484587015378790_n.jpg

    This is my horde of animals.

    The cat loaf in front is Old Man Merlin. Had him since 2005. He's old, going deaf. But he's the best cat I've ever had. He does nothing but want your affections and will be happy to sit next to you on the couch all damn day. He may not be able to hear a damn thing you say, but somehow he knows when a package of lunch meat is being opened.

    The gray floof in the middle is Gandalf. This cat usually has a constantly worried expression, and I'm pretty sure he's scared of his own shadow. He doesn't meow, he simply chirps. My friend has decided to start calling him Floof Wizard.

    And that bitch in the back is Saskia. She's dense as hell, both literally and figuratively. She's constantly being a little shit and she's either too fat or too lazy to clean her own butt, so randomly there's butt streaks on the carpet that I have to scrub. She can be sweet, but those times are rare.

  • Pitcrew

    I approve of Floof Wizard's collar. Purrrrrple.

  • I gotta give props to my cat.

    Normally, she won't sleep anywhere but by/on my legs. However, when I was verra sick and just sleeping it off Wed/Thurs, she spent a lot of time curled up right next to my neck/shoulders.

    Cats really can tell when you just need that extra bit of love.

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    @Auspice said in The Secret Life of (Your) Pets:

    I gotta give props to my cat.

    Normally, she won't sleep anywhere but by/on my legs. However, when I was verra sick and just sleeping it off Wed/Thurs, she spent a lot of time curled up right next to my neck/shoulders.

    Cats really can tell when you just need that extra bit of love.

    Well, how else is she supposed to know if you stop breathing? Human just isn't as tasty if you let it get cold.

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    ^^^^ That ^^^^^

  • My cat is named "the cat". I don't know if it's me, who has named three cats in the past, but this cat doesn't seem to want or even need a name.

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    My sister had a cat named 'Cat'.

  • I had a cat named Poodle. Former roommate now has her.

  • @Catsmeow said in The Secret Life of (Your) Pets:

    My sister had a cat named 'Cat'.

    I was thinking about it, but then he'd need a golden belt-buckle that said "CAT" and several thousand outfits.

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