Has there ever been a Valiant Comics-themed MU*?

  • With the current Bundle of Holding including a number of current-continuity Valiant comics and the Valiant Universe RPG products, I found myself wondering if anyone had ever tried to make a Valiant game. (I mean as opposed to the broadest catch-all/pureed multiverse-ish themes.)

    I figure if it happened, it would have been back in the mid/late 90s at best, and I definitely don't think anyone's tried anything with the VU RPG system. But I'm curious nonetheless.

  • Pitcrew

    I don't think so, I was a big fan of Valiant's first go around so I likely would have noticed one during the mid-nineties or later.
    How is the new Valiant stuff? I have been curious about it but not quite corious enough to break my self imposed exile from buying new comics.
    Also what did you think of the Valiant Universe RPG, I grabbed it like I do most superhero games but have not had the chance to play it?

  • @ThatGuyThere For ~$17 you can get a bunch of the current series' first four issue storylines in PDF form. https://bundleofholding.com/presents/Valiant (I say this not to deflect your questions, just to note that currently they are ridiculously cheap to check out.)

    Comics-wise, I find myself really interested in the universe. I admit that during Valiant's original tenure, I was WAY more of an Image fanboy in that I valued art over story. I was also 12 years old. I say this to note that the extent of my exposure to Valiant was through the "Deathmate" crossover event; some of the characters are familiar, but I didn't really know them beyond a superficial engagement. (I can say that these days, Valiant no longer holds some of its old license, so there's no Solar, Turok, or Magnus now.)

    The current stuff I find intriguing--in part because I now recognize the writers more than I do the artists. (This isn't to say that folks like Steve Englehart weren't worth recognizing back then--I just point to my earlier age comment.) Some of the series are clearly superior to others; I can't quite get interested in Quantum & Woody, but I thought Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, and Ivar, Timewalker were all really neat. So was Rai, for that matter. The "The Valiant" miniseries was also particularly intriguing.

    I have not yet had a chance to play the Valiant RPG, but I kind of want to now. It seems like a mix of the Marvel Heroic system and Fate (KIND OF), the latter in terms of "cues" that are meant to help drive stories (although they aren't really central in the way that aspects are for Fate). Because I haven't had the chance to play, I haven't gone through the process of creating an original character to see how that process works compared with the setup for the "feature" characters included in the book.

  • Pitcrew

    I might have to check them out and see.
    Also just to note Steve Englehart has been worth recognizing since before either of us were born. (Not a shot at you just wanting to give a bit of praise to a writer I have always enjoyed, especially his early seventies run on the Avenger and his creation of the Defenders at that same time.)

  • @ThatGuyThere Re: Englehart, I agree. I love his 70s Doctor Strange stuff, too. He was just an easy quick example of super-talented people that, in my youth, was overlooked in favor of Liefeld's art (yeah, I'll admit it).

  • Brainstorming: I imagine that, were such a game to exist, setting it in the middle of the Harada / Rising Spirit conflict (the "Harbinger Wars") would give people the opportunity to create characters with easy organizational connections as well as easily identifiable antagonistic relationships.

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