• So this category is here for you to post your how-tos and tutorials on how to accomplish any of the myriad of things necessary to running a game. Hopefully this can be a handy repository for everything from setting up a mux to how to manage a parent room or implement pose breaks. This isn't strictly related to code, but will likely touch on everything from server-side information to build and admin settings as well.


    • Make sure your topic title is descriptive of what is being explained.
    • Make sure to include relevant tags.

  • Is it okay to ask for help on a certain topic in this forum?

  • I had intended it to just be for tutorials and the discussions about them, but maybe we can do something like [Request] in the topic if you're looking for a particular tutorial? Or did you have something less specific in mind?

  • @Glitch
    Was more of a general question, since a lot of the best how-tos are really niche knowledge that people might not think to post (plus I have something I'd probably put a request up for).

  • @Bobotron Let me make another category for that. Then we have a place for questions and requests and we can keep this category focused on solutions.