MU code base for a superhero game?

  • I'm honestly not sure there is any such thing...

    But is anyone aware of any code out there (like an existing database from an older game) that could be dropped to make a superhero game? I'm looking for something in the sheet-less, dice-less sort of realm. Background questions and a grid to RP on.

  • @skew Depends what hardcode. For pennmush, @faraday has a core that includes all that and many common globals like cron, Myrddin's bbs, anomaly jobs and a bunch of standard globals. Ditch the FS3 components and diceless, sheet less elements.

  • Marvel: 1963 uses Faraday's code. In fact, she helped set it up. We don't use the combat system or any of the related code. It's not Anomaly jobs though.

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    That would be cool in general though. If you have a sheetless codebase with just a grid and maybe a customizable dice roller you can basically run anything.

  • @Lotherio @TNP Looks like that's going to be the key to getting this done. Thanks!

  • @skew Yeah, man, Faraday literally came over and helped me set up house and get started. I think for what you've described it's a pretty nice set up. What kind of Supers game are you gonna do? I need an "off" game!

  • @tangent I was asked by a friend how easy/possible it would be to set up, and if there was any existing code base. I've never played a superhero game, so, I have not the slightest idea what they might want to do! Just doing some digging for the technically illiterate. :)

  • @skew Faraday's code is built on Penn. You're welcome to come log in as a guest and check out various sheets and bgs. They're public to everyone.

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