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  • Anyone have something up somewhere, or know where something in the realm of a feasible pennmush economy?

    Just looking to save time making it from scratch. I would like something that includes player exchange, banking, staff audit, and potential vending. Doesn't have to have all that, I could add as needed as well, just trying not to reinvent the wheel.

  • @Lotherio I'm unfamiliar with the Pennmush economy. What does it entail? Is the currency separate from the default? I'm curious because I long ago removed generic resources/pay from my personal games and replaced it with a currency economy after seeing it work relatively well with D&D games.

  • @Hexagon I should of been more specific, pennmush is the hardcode that the game runs in, it's 'economy' is just daily login for pennies used to code. I'm looking for softcode I can bring into pennmush.

  • @Lotherio said in Econ Code:

    a feasible [...] economy

    I'll be frank: I've never seen a feasible Mu* economy. The best I've seen is a minigame that hits the beats you're looking for. I know this is of no immediate help, but hopefully people who know of precreated code will say what it does, what it's for.

  • @Lotherio I have been thinking of the necessary functions for a system like this, and I have come to the conclusion that it is much more workable if you don't attempt to implement it as an economy and go with a currency approach instead.

    To only approach it as currency, you should only need the following:

    Staff: create currency, destroy currency, global balance, and paycheck
    Players: transfer currency to player, transfer currency to object (if you want player vending), pay currency to object (if you have OOC equipment vending or rent)

    You can get more complicated than that, but if you create/destroy currency you never have to worry about the difficulty of generating a closed loop economy. Create/destroy is used for quest rewards or non-standard purchases. Global balance shows the funds of all characters. Paycheck is a monthly cron job to call create for each player according to an attribute, like resources or a fiat allowance.

    Transfer currency to player is a direct payment for a good or service. If a player owns a vending machine, it's just transfer to object, which then transfers to the owner player.

    I would suggest rent money be destroyed, even if a player character owns the building. They need to reflect their spending balance with the same attribute, like everyone else as there is no depreciation.

    This has been interesting to think about, and with sufficient soft coding I'm sure you could make a real estate game. Was that the intention, or just to have money in the pocket?

  • @Hexagon

    The built in money system, visible at the very bottom of your inventory when you type 'i', can do most of these already. @give player=3? Gives that player 3 of your pennies. @give object=3? Ditto.

    Downsides: This is also used to limit runaway pages and code, so someone can drain themselves of money if they are purposefully trying to break the system. Upside: Far less to code.

  • @Thenomain Right, and it works well for a currency system if you're not using it to fuel code. If you take that approach, a global balance would still be nice to have. You'll also need to code an object to handle paychecks, because the paycheck configuration parameter is global and a daily allowance based on signing in. I'd suggest leaving that at 0 and then looking at paycheck as a monthly job, just like it would have to be for rent.

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