Newbie-friendly L&L MU*?

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    I've got an itch for cossetted gowns and shining knights, so I'm on the hunt for a Lords and Ladies mush. Problem is that the only two I know about have major problems with being rather insular due to their small pbase. But what's the point in playing on a MU* dedicated to politics and intrigue if you can't play politics and intrigue without engaging in OOC politics and intrigue?

    So I'm hoping the wise people of the soapbox might point me to a L&L MU* that has broken the cycle, smashed the wheel, and terminated the loop. Are there any L&L MU*s out there that don't hoard their intrigue like it was forged by Celebrimbor?

    Does this exist? Has it ever? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    I'm adaptable to theme, setting, rating, style, the level of conflict, etc. And I have no problems playing a gracious loser, whether it be villain or heroine. All I'm really hoping for is some sort of real metaplot with actual RP hooks, and not ye olde DMV.

  • @Calibraxa Hm, we might fit what you're looking for in Arx, possibly. Have 104 players on right now as I post this, so might avoid some of the pitfalls with a smaller playerbase in terms of creating RP, but it's still a work in progress and I certainly wouldn't say we're perfect.

  • Pitcrew

    Arx, yup. It fits your criteria.

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