Pose Order Machine for TinyMUX

  • Hi All,

    I have finished my Pose Order Machine, and I'd be more than happy to share it with whomever would like to use it. At present, this code is running on Fallen World MUX and Shadows Over Reno MUSH. So far, there have been no issues reported (though, admittedly, there are only a few people using it).


    The code is designed to alert players when it's their turn to pose, as well as keep track of pose order. It is entirely opt-in (as in, you need to turn your alerts on), though you can always use +poseorder to see who last posed, how long ago, etc. If a player doesn't pose for 45 minutes or leaves the room or disconnects, they will be wiped from the pose order.

    Note that the alert can be set to BEEP at you. This functionality is supported by TinyMUX, but I've been told some clients will not process the beep/bell.

    Code details:

    This code ties into the @hook object. If your game has +poseorder, there's a good chance that this will work. Each time a pose is sent (@em, pose, ", , :, whatever) it logs the time and dbref of the poser to the local room object. Each time an additional pose is sent, it clears that player's existing pose. The hook will also process the list, decide who is 'next up' and send out an alert.

    To clear out idle players, and those no longer in the room, I am using Myrddin's mushcron, and it is set up to run every minute and check for idle players.

    I have attempted to make this as easy to install as possible. It's mean to go through Muxify ( http://muxify.musoapbox.net/editor.html ), with some comments being doing in block, while others are done as @@. It's likely not going to come out of muxify exactly perfect, but hopefully it's pretty close! NOTE: Muxify will not work on my Chrome or Edge. Use Firefox.

    If you have any questions, if you'd like help installing, etc, etc, please just ping me here, or on Fallen World MUX as skew, or Shadows Over Reno MUSH as skew. This is the first code I've ever shared, and so I'm fairly sure I borked something up, so please don't hesitate to poke me, and please be vigilant installing it.

    The code can be found here: https://github.com/skewskewskew/MUSHCode/blob/master/Pose Order Machine <POM>


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    @skew said in Pose Order Machine for TinyMUX:

    So far, there have been no issues reported (though, admittedly, there are only a few people using it).

    Culturally we're slow to adopt new commands but there are some large +events coming up (the Vampire and Werewolf intro scenes have 12 and 16 signups respectively). Making sure it's used for those, since they're staff-ran, could go some way into getting picked up by people in their everyday scenes.

  • @skew

    Good looks good.

    As a FYI to toss out there, for those who use PennMUSH or TinyMUSH3, it will need adaptation as the @hook code for Penn and TM3 uses the TM3 standard @hook functionality while MUX uses the Rhost @hook functionality. The syntax for @hook is different for those platforms.

    So in that regard the code should work on Rhost likely without changes as well.

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