Looking for Help: New Game, D&D 5e TinyMUX

  • So the title pretty much states it all. 5e D&D set in the Forgotten Realms, TinyMUX base, looking for help. And I mean help from the top to the bottom. I have ideas, lots and lots of ideas, but going from "ideas" to "working server" is beyond my skills alone.

    Will need help setting up the server and starting the whole "code building" process. Will need help setting up the wiki because I've never touched that sorta stuff before. I'm taking my years of nWoD experience and trying to shape a D&D game. So if you wanna help? Toss me a PM here. I'll set up either a Skype or Discord group once I get a few people who would like to help so the brass tacks can start being hammered out.

  • Offering all my flake-filled help, under the condition that it go to a level-less system, and get swapped to spelljammer, because SPEHSS.

  • @Jennkryst I thank you for the offer. It's not going to be Spelljammer. Or space/sci-fi. I forget what, exactly, SPEHSS is, but if it's what I think it is, I do plan to use SOME of the ideas, though for boat travel instead of space travel (for extended quests/adventures and the like).

  • So I'm going to cast Animate Dead on this request. Even more interested in trying to get something up and off the ground.

  • SPEHSS is Space. Spelljammer isn't really sci-fi... more like Treasure Planet, with open top boats and such. Buuut.... yeah. Plus, Mind Flayers are canonically from the distant future. So timey wimey.

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