Dahan d6

  • Anyone still floating this around, have familiarity with Dahan's customizable open D6 code?

  • I MIGHT have the code, little to no familiarity though.

  • No. Also called the Dynamic Skill System, DSS is what they use at Age of Alliances, and also what SerenityMU used.

  • @SG said in Dahan d6:

    Or this one:


    Almost certainly that one. The ooc code itself is crazy similar to DSS, so inputting the daya is easy-ish. If memory serves, the code is so bulky because it also has chargen stuff with it.*

    *I am often wrong!

  • I am looking at the one from mushcode.com, just a few things where its not all working right off the bat.

    Is the DSS better, more ready for use then the D6 Skills?

  • @Lotherio They are coded for Penn, which could be the issue.

    They are two different things. Like d20 is different from WoD. DSS suffers from being coded when automation was the big thing... +attack compresses something like 4 rolls into one, with the drawback being that you have to code your own NPC target dummies for anything other than PVP.

  • Its running in Penn. Its185p4 or 5, and it was coded around 177p2 or so.

    I think I've just placed an object wrong somehow. Most of the generic '+sinfo' files work, except the generic '+sinfo' which looses the header and footer bar. That and '+sinfo skills' isn't pulling the list of skills, but otherwise, its easy as cake to throw in new skills, change skills, remove skills.

    These are minor, I could fix them given enough digging. It's the last D6 version, which includes specializations, I just want to make sure I can add them correctly as it doesn't come with a few specializations already in there. Again, enough digging, I can probably figure that out, just looking to see if anyone who's found these things can quickly point to save my old eyes from digging through the code.

    And lastly, I'll tinker with the character object parents. Its not going do be Star Wars at all, will probably add things to include cybernetics and other 'attribute/skill' like enhancements aside from guns and armor. Reaching out to see who might be familiar so I'm not beating a dead horse. I may try the folks at SW:AoA to see if they have some quick ideas and pointers too.

  • @Lotherio IS IT THE WEIRD MATRIX THING, MAYBE? Someone wrote up a D6 Matrix thing which is lolzy.

  • @Jennkryst

    Heh, no. Nothing matrix, I've played with a little theme as an homage too 70s and 80s post-apoc/ dystopian films. Nothing fantasy, no shadow run races, nothing anime, no mecha. Just something I've played around with.

    If I went Matrix I'd look at the original 2e d&d Dragon Fist game inspired by wuxia/Hong Kong Action film.

  • The version on mushcode.com is an older version of Dahan's D6 (Mar 2004).

    There is an updated Dahan's D6 at pennmush.org (Feb 2005). This one is preset to D6 Space, with the attributes and skills coming directly from the book. It includes a few races in the db object, which can be removed or changed. This one includes an armor parent and a few more items making it more ready for plug-n-play.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm well versed with Dahan's D6 in both Penn and Rhost.

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