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  • Tutorialist

    I'm trying to update the Reno 2.0 room parent, so that you can see the short-descs of people. I have a shortdesc() function, and it works fine. However, on any room that is not owned by my wizard bit, it will not pull the list of players. It gives a big long string of 'not found'. I tried putting the bulk of the 'get players and their short descs' into its own function, but it's not working either.

    These are the two bits of code:

    F_ROOMCONT: [if(not(hasflag(%0, auditorium)), iter(%1, [ljust([name(%i0)], 15)]%b[ljust(shortdesc(%i0), 53)]%b[first(exptime(idle(%i0)))], ,%r), [ansi(hr, You cannot speak speak or see other players in this location.)])]
    ConFormat: [ansi(h, Players:)]%r[ljust(ansi(h, Name), 15)]%b[ljust(ansi(h, Short-desc), 53)]%b[ansi(h, Idle)]%r[wdivider()] %r[setq(0, filter(#45/filter.thingies.dark, lcon(me, connect), , , %#))][roomcont(me, %q0)]%r[wdivider()][if(lcon(me,object), %r%r[ansi(h, Objects:)] %r[setq(1, filter(#45/filter.thingies.dark, lcon(me, object), , , %#))][u(#45/f.thingy.columnizer, %q1)])]

  • Tutorialist

    Nevermind, I figured it out finally.

    Setting the functions to #45/<stuff>, rather than just filter<stuff> or u<stuff>, was causing the issue. (This may have also been the issue on Angel's. i'll have to look into that.)

  • @Cobaltasaurus
    YAY my bug report helped! :D Glad you got it!

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