Looking for Staff - Firenze: Trionfo della Morte

  • I've decided to go on with my project of an Italian Wars game based on the city of Florence. The main concept is to play out the politics of the Signoria, the main body of public administration of the city, but also giving space for those who wanna be condottieri, duelists, artists or anything else that made the Renaissence a very interesting and colourful period in history.

    So far, I plan to use FS3 for its simplicity and readiness, but I also intend to add custom systems for rumors, administration and politics. I've also decided to go for an "alt-history" scenery where players are able to make decisive changes to history, for example, kicking the Medici out of Florence and ruling in their place or maybe helping the Papal State to control the city, but I'll try to keep the theme as close as possible to the historical events, with accurate deciption of daily life, weapons/armour, trading and such.

    This would be a heavy task for a single person, though, and I'm hoping to find people here that can help me especially with coding and hosting, since due to my RL location, my options are very limited. I'm hoping to set up a wiki this weekend where I'll start writing the thematic materials.

    Feel free to comment even if you just have some suggestions.

  • There's the wiki: http://firenzemush.wikidot.com/

    And as some additional information, I've decided to begin it during 1429 AD, before Cosimo's (and the Medici) ascencion to power, their bank is already active and Cosimo's father is a strong political figure, but they don't have the total control over the Republic yet, which could allow someone else to try and fill that gap.

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    Not currently playing (or staffing) but I wish you luck with this project! It looks really neat to me!

  • @sthanheykel I find the prospect intriguing! If you can get it up and running, I'll certainly try it out at some point. Don't have the time to Staff, though.

  • Thanks for the attention, guys! I'm currently trying to compile a PennMUSH server for myself to start coding and maybe even host it there if no better option appears, meanwhile, I'll add more pages to the wiki.

    I hope to have some kind of beta running by early December and a fully fleshed game by January.

  • The MUSH is officially on beta as of today, I've configued the basic FS3 systems and ran some tests, built the central district of Florence and added a guide to the wiki on how to create your own character. I hope to get some feedback from early players as this is the first MUSH I set up from the scratch and, as such, is very likely to have some bugs and/or missing stuff, which I'll propmptly add upon request.

    I'm currently adding characters to the +roster for people who don't like to create their own character or just wanna give it a little try. I've also rolled back the time to 1428, especially for the beta, no big changes in setting or whatever.

    Connect using: firenze.hopto.org:1429 or

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    Can we have a wiki link? :)

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    Shit, missed it on first look through. I actually looked, too. Thanks!

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