Tragedyjones' Harem-a-thon 2016: Reno Edition

  • Pitcrew

    Been a while, MSB. I think it is time we had a chat. And this chat, is about what you can do for me.

    And that is: Fawn over my mediocre and rusty TS skillz.

    I am making a character on Shadows over Reno. This character is a maladjusted Werewolf who is a delightful blend of Ricky Fitts from American Beauty and Kylo Ren. Angry, brooding, great with a camera and will totally break you.

    What I want from YOU: Tell me I'm a pretty princess, but, like, in a manly way. Bonus points for constantly referencing how big my beard and or penis are. Double bonus points if your RL husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/body pillow is totally not as sexy as I am. Also, I am going to like, own your character. I mean not literally, that is slavery. But don't expect to play with anyone else. Unless they are a hot chick and totally want to make out. Then do it. And log it. And send it to me.

    What you get: You get to be ignored by me! Except when I demand attention. Also I won't TS you because I will be busy not logging in for days at a time and honestly, who has the time for that? But I'll make you think I want it and if I change my mind, I promise, you'll be first on the list.

    Please make all applications here in the thread. I will evaluate your Harem-worthiness. As for requirements, you must be a totes hot chick or be willing to play one. Your PB can be skinny with big tits or skinny with small tits - I'm flexible.

  • I submit my application below:

    alt text

  • I already went so far as 'no dreads this time'. That's all you're gettin', man.

  • Uh, shouldn't this be under "A Shout in the Dark"? Isn't there where you go when you're desperate and the odds are slim? Could we move this post?

  • Admin

    @skew @tragedyjones has women shouting at him all the time, albeit for the wrong reasons.

  • Moved for the sanity of all.

  • THE PITCH: Mid-30s male with a personality that fluctuates between hippy sage and moronic sarcasm is willing to play a really hot female character with none of the RL player's personality traits. Will wiki-stalk @tragedyjones across multiple games and put together a style and PB based off of no less than 20 logged scenes across 3+ games in what will be the worst, most monstrous trophy wife, the likes of which hasn't been seen since Weird Science.

    • Will promise to page/@mail @tragedyjones once or twice a while while on the shelf and being ignored so that tragedy can have that realistic neglectful experience
    • Will constantly ask for descriptions of IC penis like it matters.
    • No less than 20 clothing descs keyed into multidescer, but to save @tragedyjones from having to type 'l <charname>' I will just page them whenever I change them
    • Will lie and say oocly that I'm a female so it isn't weird like that
    • Totally is cool with whatever and has no triggers
    • Not played by VASpider

    Edit: typos galore because between doing 230am on-call IT work and my phone's autocorrect...WTFuuuuck

  • Pitcrew

    @Ghost I doub I have 20 logged scenes on 3+ games anymore that aren't me STing.

  • Admin

    @tragedyjones I read this as "...that aren't me TSing".

  • He probably just typo'd.

  • @tragedyjones said in Tragedyjones' Harem-a-thon 2016: Reno Edition:

    @Ghost I doub I have 20 logged scenes on 3+ games anymore that aren't me STing.

    That's cool. I came up with a concept for you to approve:

    Vaguely 24 y/o Asian girl with an Irish name. Former special forces but now holds down small jobs as an auto mechanic, librarian, waffle house employee, stripper, and assassin that specializes in corporate wetwork. Wears mostly short skirts, string bikini tops, and ironic slogan tee shirts that say things like: Got No Time for Tragedy, Dr. Jones.

    Drives a Mini-Cooper. No gag reflex.

    Resources 5, so your character won't have to worry about paying for beer.

  • Pitcrew

    @Ghost you stole my concept you bastard!

    Can I be her black jewtina sister?

  • @Ghost Just as long as you don't use the mini-cooper to kill zombies. That trick's mine goddammit!

    (No, really, my former char on Reno1 absolutely did that once. <3 )

  • Pitcrew

    I don't know abut y'all but I feel some PB pic posting coming on....

  • @ThugHeaven I'd post a PB pic but I don't know if my Photoshop skills could properly meld Kari Byron with a Japanese pornstar, a Final Fantasy character, a Budweiser bikini model, and sexy bugs bunny...

    ...with a Tommy gun and a katana.

  • @Ghost I don't know whether 'I'm drunk off my ass at the moment' means mine are less, or more, up to that task.

    I suggest we don't find out.

  • Pitcrew

    @Ghost give me a few days and lots of drugs and I can make it happen.

    Black jewtina first though.

  • When he opens the thread about a Shadowrun harem, everyone demand a 1:1 time ratio, because other time speeds are mah bane.

    All elves, all the time. The Elfbian Mafia shall live once more.