Freedom City MUX (M&M 2nd needs ALL THE STAFF!)

  • Pitcrew


    A MUX set in the setting of Freedom City, and using the second edition Mutants & Masterminds rules! Pre-statted Feature Characters from the setting, and encouraged Original Characters. A +roster to make picking an FC easy, and a CG that is non-stressful for the newcomer.

    Villain characters are NPC only, and handled through either ST run plot, or Player Run Plots (Which are always encouraged).

    Non-powered, lower Power Level ‘civilian characters’ are encouraged as side-alts, adding color and texture to the world around the characters.

    Players are allowed one Feature Character at a time, but are allowed a set number of Original Powered Characters as well, along with unlimited Civilian Characters (Within reason).

    City roleplay, small town roleplay, and even Super Hero High roleplay all on the same grid, due to various parts of the city.

    XP is handed out on a weekly basis, and growth is slow but noticeable. Taking part in Adventures grants a small amount of extra XP, but not participating in them will not neuter your growth.

    Feature Characters are expected to have more activity, and to also work to promote roleplay, OOC community, etcetera. This does not mean that you are required to run plot if you have an FC, but there will be expectations, even if small.

    A metaplot, along with non-connected stories.

    Adventures, but also +hangouts and social roleplay. A blending of the more controlled scenes often seen on Comic MU*s, along with the +hangouts and such that tends to be found on WoD games. Yes, this does include ‘Bar Roleplay’.

    So…this is what I –want-. I have knowledge of the system and setting, and a willingness to play and run and coordinate. What I do NOT have are all of the other necessities. This would be…a site. A coder. I can build, desc, coordinate, staff, run plot and RP to my hearts content…but that is difficult when the game does not exist. ;)

    So, I am looking for other people who would be interested in helping me with this. I have the ability to get us a site to make the game, but I have no knowledge on what to do once I have it. I have keen ideas on what I want out of the game…but no real ability to make it happen. ;) I don’t want it to end there.

    If you are interested in aiding me, please toss me a PM on here, or hit me up on skype at Maskofwinters.

    :) Thank you!

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