Coral Springs

  • Coral Springs. Training the next generation of super humans. As this year begins, the Head Mistress has been called away to action by the Global League of Decency. As Professor Weald steps up, a new teacher has arrived to teach some of the classes. The mysterious underwater being known as Professor Krutchen arrives; already more detentions, as if he is going for the record. Coupled with the death (and rebirth) of a student already and the arrival of a mysterious ghost heralding the death of another student to come. All this before fall break. The students deal with a curfew imposed on them while preparing for the first games of the local high school sport, Arena Fetch.

    This is Coral Springs. An original themed super hero MUSH. Still a new mush, we only opened last Spring, but continue to slowly grow. We are OC only. Staff will offer occasional meta, but our primary focus is on PrP and character development. While not huge, we do offer activity at various times of the day with regular activity during US daytime and evenings. Our basic gaming system is FS3, with a focus on trying to keep it simple. Anyone interested is welcome to our wiki for further information and connect information:

  • We've been going since Spring, finally putting this here. Some of you've swung by, we spread more by word of mouth originally, with maybe 2-3 ads at a few select places.

    Still working on historical place, but keeping this going as a personal enjoyment of mine. Its friendly environment, aimed at light-hearted fun and super hero play.

    Its FS3, that's not changing, so won't suit everyone. Its high school, some folks will squick about that. That's fine, not your cup of tea, we're not trying to convert anyone. Its not dice enforced, though everyone uses the game system for resolution that I've seen and played with.

  • Pitcrew

    Address for the MU*?

    I couldn't find it on the wiki.

  • @chibichibi The front page (at least at the time of this post) has an image that lists as the address.

  • @chibichibi - Yeah its been tucked at the bottom of the home page, just to have people read again and be sure they know they're getting all OC, mostly teen play.

    And for others, yes, there is an area (local metropolis) that is not oriented on teen play, a few players associated with it as well but it hasn't seen much activity.

  • Pitcrew

    I JUST returned to this game after a long hiatus due to things not related to the game. People were immediately welcoming and pulling me into scenes and such. :) Good game. Good folks.

    (I play Malcolm, if people feel like poking my broody self)

  • Pitcrew

    I tried this game when it first opened up. I just got too crazy busy IRL to continue playing - but the staff and all the players were friendly, great rpers, and everyone seemed to play distinctive, interesting characters. I'd recommend it.

  • In the spirit of the game we decided early on not to reap any approved PC. We want casual friendly environment, were someone may only log in once or twice a month and not feel left out. There are some nice plots that staff helped with, either just info and behind scenes or running a scene for someone, but just as many and more great stuff initiated and ran by players. Really lucky to have a great group of individuals that get along.

    We were happy to see you come back @toreadorfool , as you saw in the reception. A few have been hit by RL, that happens. If you make it back,great, if you found a place you like better, just as great.

    Thanks all, all the work put in is appreciated, as were the comments.

  • @Lotherio While not a superhero game person, this reply speaks so well of the game environment I might have to check this out. :)

  • Pitcrew


    I've been looking for a superhero game with a small, coherent theme for a while now. CS might scratch that itch. I'll have to see what I can draft up. What's the theme like with stranger than human characters - magical beings, aliens, robots, that sort of thing?

  • @Gilette said in Coral Springs:


    I've been looking for a superhero game with a small, coherent theme for a while now. CS might scratch that itch. I'll have to see what I can draft up. What's the theme like with stranger than human characters - magical beings, aliens, robots, that sort of thing?

    All are welcome, we've seen a little of it all . Honestly from the creativity of players. A few magical beings have shown up, mystical races on earth, from other dimensions, one or two entities in host bodies. One alien that did space plot back on August, a galactic civil war going out there that's great for prp and char development. There may be one robot that I can think of, I'd have to check specifics of the character as they could be converting to cyborg to robot ( or wishful thinking on my part). A ghost currently with some fun classic references to like ghost busters and such. One was a skeleton, could take off the flesh suit and so skeleton things (a lot of fun potential with this one).

    We're sort of Sky High, but not a ridiculous. One person reckoned the game to Percy Jackson, light enough with some fun with the genre not too dark. I like to think it's very light Teenagers From Outer Space, you can have fun just assume the faculty show up at just the wrong time to give out detentions.

    I think it comes down to sparkle vs snowflake. Enough unique to shine occasionally, run done background plot for development with, and help others with their stories and such is all good in my book.

    Stranger than human

  • Pitcrew

    One of my alts is the brooding son of a world infamous Supervillain. The other is the heir to a star-spanning alien empire akin to the Romans. His powers are very Superboyesque. The other is a Magnetokinetic. So yeah...lots of awesome options. :)

  • Pitcrew


    Yeah, I have to admit, I'm very impressed with the crazy sorts of characters running about and my perusal of the wiki has got me pretty psyched for the setting (already had a few players to reach out and discuss potential hooks and such). Looking forward to getting stuck in!

  • @toreadorfool That... sounds familiar :P

  • Pitcrew

    @Seamus Hmm? Well, they're pretty standard comic archetypes.

  • .... iiiiiiiiinterestink!

  • @toreadorfool Nah. You had a much more diverse sheet until I helped you out a bit.

  • @Vorpal said in Coral Springs:

    .... iiiiiiiiinterestink!

    I'll take that as a ... compliment.

    Similar or borrowed ideas are welcome too, but i think even those are pretty original in presentation on Coral Springs.

    It has the benefit here, original theme, no one needs to worry about Superman or Ironman coming on to steal the show. Staff aren't limiting them to be 'less' than the paragons of various cannon. Every is on pretty even footing.

    Its not for everyone, but FS3 helps with this. Then again, supers, usually most systems aren't 'the best', we all have our favorites I'm sure. We've limited the combat focus to four action skills (physical, energy, psychic, and mystic). Actual things like strength level and such can be taken in Bg skills and we have some charts to follow in building on the wiki. But in combat, you pick two of the four, they represent combination attack/defense because eight skills with an attack and defense in each is too clunky and feels outside the spirit of FS3 simplicity. You can't defend against two types, you get friends and teammates for that. No mavericks, no completely immune to everything types. You just define how your actions skills work; physical could be super strength brick, it could be martial artists, or weapon master, it could be magnetokenitic using steel beams to hit someone. Energy could be eyes, red plasma from chest, ray guns, radiation bombs, whatever. Everyone can use two, and suffer against the other two. its not the typical bricks are just weak to psychic, they may be weak to mystic and energy. And everyone starts off in the same range of skills, the folks who have been on for a while have only raised action skills by maybe 1 so far, so even footing.

  • Oh, it is a compliment. The place has sparked my interest since the Spring, things just haven't worked out for me to check it out... but I think I will drop by fairly soon.

  • Pitcrew

    This is a very nice place. I've had a few scenes with some friendly, enthusiastic players since getting (promptly) approved and I'm digging the FS3 system which seems simple enough for quick-moving scenes while allowing players enough conceptual space to differ themselves from each other. Glad this showed up at just the right time!

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