HOLODECK 5 Looking for Help

  • Hello,

     Holodeck 5 is an Up and coming PENNMUSH with Aspace game. It will be a Multi-Themed MUSH with Adult content, when it is ready for players. For now I am working on it mainly on my own but I have been getting a bit of help from some of the people at Pennmush.org;4201. 
    However I need coders and builders who are willing to help. Most importantly I need a coder and builder who is familiar with ASpace as I am not. I have it working, according to the @function but I have been unable to get anywhere with the construction of the space environment and objects. 
     If anyone is willing to help please come check it out and tell me what you think. There will be many themes to this game so I am sure whatever you would like to build or code we can accommodate. Holodeck 5 can be accessed at 
                                                                                PORT 1701
     You can page or @mail Drea when you log in. 
     Thank you in advance for any help.

  • Admin

    @Dreayle You might want to remove the formatting, friend. It's pretty hard to read it like this. :)

  • ASpace? Good gravy, that's a name I haven't heard for a very long time...

    When you say "many themes" can I assume this to be a sandbox game?

  • @Tinuviel It looks like it's one of those sex mu*'s where they try to fit in any genre they can somehow.

  • @Lithium man sex console Captain, my data readings show that your libido is entering dangerous levels. Doctor Slutty McLovesalot requests your presence on the holodick.

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