MU* Plot or TV?

  • Tutorialist

    Lets play a game. Come up with a storyline from either a TV or a MU*, and other people guess whether or not it's MU or TV. ^_^

    First one:

    Mortal (first nation) cop moves to a small town and discovers supernatural things going on. There's an evil medicine man that sets a plague on the town. Also she ends up having a fling with a suspected drug dealer, who she later arrests because he's involved in a hit and run. And there's this old first nation woman who keeps telling her that it's "great she's come home", even though she's never been there before. She has a long drawn out feud with the evil medicine man, but she manages to get him arrested. The chief of police is going to take him to the big city personally.... But the bad guy turns into a crow, and causes the car to crash and escapes...

    Later she ends up finding a mass grave from where her ancestral tribe was slaughtered. While in a walking trance, having visions of this massacre, she is stabbed by a kid her crooked-partner was trying to groom to be a crime-lord. Crooked-partner finds her and loses his mind, running down main street screaming, "OFFICER DOWN!"

    MU* or TV?

  • Pitcrew

    O snap, I thought this was going to be easy...

    I say MU* Plot! No way tv executives would have a First Nation woman as a protagonist...

  • Creator

  • @Cobaltasaurus

    TV. Too interesting for many Mu*s.

    Edit: It was "kid that crooked partner was grooming into a drug lord stabs her" that pushed me to TV. This is a nuanced little bit of plot. If this is being pulled off on a Mu*, with either PCs willing to give up that much authorial control or staff able to run an NPC that dedicated, I would love to know where.

  • Pitcrew

    I am going tv as well. Not sure why but definitely getting more of a TV vibe from it.

  • Tutorialist

    @Thenomain, @ThatGuyThere, @Cadi XD

    It is indeed TV. That's a very condensed synopsis of the first and second season of Rabbit Fall. XD

    (Someone else's turn!)

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