WoW - Kael'thas Horde

  • Okay! I'm in a pretty cool Guild on Kael'thas and a friend and I are levelling little bits, if people want to form a group with us. Was wondering if anyone else was on Kael'thas or wanted to buddy up on it. I can, entirely, nudge a friend to invite to the Guild in. I am also not against making new Guild if that is a thing wanted.

    Give me a nudge!

    Battlenet ID: Tekinta#1753

    P.S. The guild I am in is entirely looking for people who want to do raids. Right now it is on.. um.. Tuesdays. At, like, 8:15 server time, I think. I am pretty content to blow things up for people on my bits if they want to power level. I'm also open to levelling with people. I got bits of all levels.

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