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    Considering running an OTT game. Mostly not in touch with my old regular group. I don't know yet what I'd be running, but that will depend on who all I have interested. Something fantasy-esque I'm sure. If you'd be interested in playing in an OTT game run by me (I run a LOT less of a tight ship when I'm doing tabletop, for the record), let me know. No promises made at this point, just putting out an interest check.

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    Particular System or settings?
    I might be interested.

  • What kind of session schedule would you be looking at, and what timezone?

  • What times and days can you run? Might help others know if they could join you. I'm daytime, most likely not, but good for others to know of they could make time for your schedule.

    Sorry to duplicate, didn't see the first reply.

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    Sup dawg. You rang?

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    To be entirely honest, I'm not looking to answer a bunch of questions or explain my plans and whatnot. If you need a bunch of info to determine if you're interested, you're probably not going to be interested. That said!

    I am looking at Sundays being the regular session times, afternoon->evening Pacific. Saturdays are no-go and my raid schedule on WoW changes weekly, so while sessions during the week on occasion will be possible, they won't be the norm. It's going to be pretty informal, low key, no required attendance, or anything. Probably on some sort of rotating schedule for precisely when we do it. The general point is to give the people who participate a framework to roleplay when the bug bites them, with the semi-regular sessions going to make sure there's actual content to play with for the downtime stuff. Most likely I'll be running 2 'standard' sessions a month on Sundays, and then call-outs for the occasional session in between standards just whenever.

    Right now, Numenera ( is topping my list for what I'm likely to run, but we won't settle on a game for sure until I know what group I have to work with.

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    @Sunny said in ISO OTT Players:

    To be entirely honest, I'm not looking to answer a bunch of questions or explain my plans and whatnot.

    Fair enough. If you want to let us know what the platform you'll be doing it over is (a generic MU*, Google Doc, Skype) it might make a difference to some people.

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    I'd love to toss my hat in the ring.

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    Full up! If you're REALLY SUPER INTERESTED in a Numenera OTT run by yours truly, PM me. Bribery can be discussed, or I can add you to my 'if somebody drops out' list, either way. Thanks for the interest, folks.

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