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  • Pitcrew

    Presuming that I can get the code from a soirce, I am looking to leave the CofD behind me for a while and work on a Shadowrun 5 game. However, my usual suspects don't really know SR and so I am looking for some people interested in possibly helping out.

  • Love Shadowrun... Never actually gotten to play 5. So I'm interested IN GENERAL, but I don't know the system.

  • Will halp. So verreh much.

    Edit to add: will halp with building, statting of npcs and various things like that. I still advocate clearing items and starting from scratch.

  • Pitcrew

    A hypothetical staff of up to 3. An excellent beginning!


    I've got the SR5 main book and a bunch of 4e splat books. I'm not much of a coder but if descs, data entry, NPC design, setting etc is needed, reach out to me.

    Edit: IT life too busy to staff, but I can collaborate and listen.

  • Pitcrew

    @Ghost Collaboration AND listening? Wow.

  • @tragedyjones and stopping, too.

  • alt text

  • I love Shadowrun but my only experience with it is the recent games.

    I've never played a SR MUSH or a SR tabletop.

    That said, the kind of support I could offer such a project is basically coding.

  • @ixokai How do you feel about chargen coding?

  • @Jennkryst said in ISO Collaborators for Shadowrun:

    @ixokai How do you feel about chargen coding?

    I'd have to buy a 5E book but surely Shadowrun can't be as horrible as Cinematic Unisystem which was hands down the most annoying chargen I've ever coded.

    That said if I'm going to do main coding (as opposed to maintenance or tweaking here or there) I'd want the game to run on Rhost.

    Oh, I can also host the game and wiki and set up the integration between the two, if needed.

  • It is not terribly impossible, and i we DO end up using the life modules, it will be hella easier than having to code all the variables. Things to sort out!

  • You can always have life modules give xp for various things, enough to get the rating from 0 to whatever it is offering.

    So if SkillA is 5 xp * the level to purchase (5, 10, 15, 20, etc)

    And a package gives +1 to SkillA, then you get 5 xps towards SkillA, and it goes from 0 to 1.

    If you get a +2 later one, that's worth 5+10 or 15 xp, which buys you SkillA at 2, and leaves 5 xp towards SkillA level 3.

    Or you can do the simple math of finding out the max skill you COULD get from package stacking, and take the average value of a +1 from that.

    EG lets say you could at best get a skill to 4, that is worth 50 xp. at a 1 its worth 5 xp. Average value of +1 and +4 is 5 is 10 xp per +1 in package.

  • ... that is brilliant. Pools of XP to go towards a list of skills. Hopefully not impossible to code.

  • I want to get hyped, but, Tragedy will prolly leave it after it's been finished ;)

  • Pitcrew

    @Lithium said in ISO Collaborators for Shadowrun:

    I want to get hyped, but, Tragedy will prolly leave it after it's been finished ;)

    Isn't that the best reason to be hyped?

  • My only regret is forgetting the book only has North American countries in their pre-generated modules. Luckily, it's literally just 'have a pool of 15 karma for these skills'.

  • Second regret: if there is no bonus to have from taking a module, there is nothing encouraging people to take them over just having a pile of karma to spend on whatever... BUT. Giving modules an advantage destroys the purpose of customizing them so that they give you XP to spend on THINGS, rather than just having points.

  • Personally, after reviewing this and getting a headache over having to implement it, I've sorta decided modules are ... examples, and serve best when thought of that way. There's a shitton of skills in Shadowrun and it might be quite daunting to have a blank slate and a pile of karma and be told to go at it: the modules give me a way to go step by step through and have an idea for what kinda skill makeup makes sense for my budding character.

    At least that's how I'm functionally thinking of them at this point. I might be way off base.

  • Modules are super neat, but the more I look at it, the more it looks like if we are keeping them, we need to keep them by the book, and write our own to fill in the gaps.

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