Music Production!

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    Is anyone here into music production? If so, I'd love any resources or advice! I'm still new to all of this, learning music theory and sheet music and stuff. But I'm also trying to work my way around the concepts of production in of itself, even outside of music theory.

    'Well, whatever you have to contribute, I don't mind! I pretty much want to learn basically anything, so don't be afraid to spill out your wisdom.

    Also, yes, I have a midi keyboard. It's a cheap Samson Carbon 49, but it gets the job done until I can afford better. I use FL Studio for production, but I realllyyy wanna find a way to get Studio One, because it looks so intuitive.

  • Pitcrew

    Berklee School of Music at EdX
    I haven't taken any of these courses, but it's Berklee, so I'm confident it will be worth your time.

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