Marvel Reborn MUX

  • The Marvel Universe is forever changed. The Secret Wars have ended. Reed Richards put the 616 universe back together. But even in his infinite power, he wasn't able to get it exactly right. Sure, Spider-Man still swings high above the streets - but it may not be the Spider-Man that was there last year. The Avengers have returned, their lineup is different. The X-Men have found themselves once again in the halls of the Xavier Estate somewhere in upstate New York; however, they too are changed. The world is the same, yet many of the characters are different. They are from different universes. Lost within the 616 and trying to find their own footing and to live their lives.

    At its core, this is a Marvel Comic game. The story takes place in the Marvel 616 Universe. However, you are welcome to bring in any version of the character you want. Be it from the movies, television, cartoons, alternate universe comics, etc. Marvel characters only.

    What we offer:

    • Autologger - A fancy bit of code that logs scenes and facilitates the posting of them.
    • Grid - A massive Marvel grid and RP suites for your role-play enjoyment.
    • Original Characters - Very welcome and will fit into the continuity nice.
    • Continuity - a unique take on the Marvel Universe where you do not have to know the whole 70 years of comics to play here. Just know any version of the character you want to play, and bring them in.
    • Current - This takes place in the modern age where player characters can relate to current pop culture and themes.
    • Staff - Staff is friendly, helpful and outgoing. They want you to enjoy the game. No creepers or crazies on staff.
    • Plots - Player run scenes without the 5 day wait. Players can run scenes without getting approval. It's the player's world, so they can help define it through RP. Staff does not force plots down player's throats.
    • Spheres - You can play in any sphere of the Marvel Universe. Street, X, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Mystic.
    • Voting System - through +request, +vote, and +pitch. Players are able to guide the theme of the game.
    • Consent or Stats - You have an option to play. Either you use consent play or use the coded combat system. Your choice.
    • Applications - Simple application process.

  • Pitcrew

    So is this set in the current Marvel Universe? If so, are you allowing the FF or are they in limbo?

  • Yes, current Marvel 616 Universe (just after Secret Wars came to a close). A few tweaks to make it fit and of course players can alter other reality characters to bring them in. The FF are allowed. However; they have to be the 616 version(s) and after Reed gave away his god power.

  • So we could potentially bring in characters from outside Marvel, provided they aren't super Godlike?

  • Pitcrew

    @Miss-Demeanor said in Marvel Reborn MUX:

    So we could potentially bring in characters from outside Marvel, provided they aren't super Godlike?

    alt text

  • @tragedyjones Because my favorite 'superheroes' come from Image?

    Edit: Also, have an upvote for using Ryan Reynolds gif.

  • Pitcrew

    @Miss-Demeanor said in Marvel Reborn MUX:

    @tragedyjones Because my favorite 'superheroes' come from Image?

    alt text

  • @tragedyjones I grew up reading Gen 13 and Witchblade. :P

  • @Miss-Demeanor It's a Marvel only game. But, and are great places to get alternate versions of characters if you didn't want to do the 616 version. Also, you can create your own version. IE: Someone plays Vision, but used the cutoff of Operation Galactic Storm instead of the current 616 Vision version. So they made up an alternate reality number. I think the hard rule is that What-If comic characters aren't allowed.

  • @Moritz Why are the Fantastic Four members prohibited from being sourced from other realities/takes, out of curiosity-- is it just a thematic concern? Or am I misreading what you said about them?

    IOW: Could Evil Conehead Reed make an appearance, or nah?

  • Pitcrew

    Evil Reed from 1610 is actually a currently used villain in the books iirc.

  • @Phase-Face When the Secret Wars (2015 comic event) ended, Reed was the one responsible for remaking the 616 universe. He was sure to get the F4 family members correctly. The rest of the universe wasn't as important. So Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben, Franklin and Valeria (?) will need to be the 616 versions.
    It should also be noted that only one instance of any character can exist at any given time. Meaning, no more than 1 Logan, 1 Spider-Man (except for Ben), etc. But it can be any version of those that the player applies for. Except for the F4.
    Just a quirk of the game.

  • @tragedyjones He's pretty fantastic, although I've yet to read his post-Secret Wars appearances.

    @moritz Ah, that makes sense. Valeria/Franklin would probably be awkward, at best(even moreso than usual).

  • @Phase-Face I totally agree. Though I've seen them played elseMU. It wasn't really ever a personal preference to play children.

  • @Moritz I've only actually seen them done as teens-to-adults, either from some other reality, or from the future.

  • @Moritz
    What about canon 616 versions that exist after Secret Wars, like Old Man Logan, the O-5 X-Men and the ones that are alive in the main 'verse, etc.? Technically they're the same, but they're different as well.

  • Pitcrew

    I've been looking for a superhero game for a while. I'll check this out with an OC when my net's more stable.

  • @Bobotron That's up to the player. If the player wants to make Old Man Logan, then he/she is quite welcome to do that. Presently, our Logan is from Earth 187. What ever version the player wants to play is very welcome (except for noted F4 above). Also, if this Logan ever drops. The next player can choose to continue playing that version, or bring in a new version. If a new Logan is brought in; the IC history that occurred does NOT go away when this happens. Instead, the new Logan will have to deal with what transpired on top of being a stranger in a strange land. Which can make for some good story.
    For example. Someone applied and started playing the 616 version of Star-Lord with the 616 version of Shadowcat. Canonly they are engaged. Both players had to drop due to RL and then new players stepped in to take over the characters. The new Star-Lord opted for the Guardians of the Galaxy version and Shadowcat kept her 616 version. Comedy ensued.

  • @Phase-Face I've seen it done as adults too. Franklin would be a god as an adult. But Valeria would be manageable. However, see above for 616 restrictions on F4 family.
    This does not mean that other children can't come in as adults. All of Power Pack could come in as late teens/adults from alternate universes.

  • @Moritz
    I think you misread my question. In current 616 canon, there are two versions of Beast: O5 Beast and Big Blue Beast. Do you allow for both of those to exist, as technically they are separate characters.

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