The State of Hello!Project (the person, not the Japanese idol umbrella)

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    Hello! Not that anyone's particularly curious about what I'm doing, I've been a bit more active in MUing after numerous brushes with life outside of the internet. I figured I'd write an update just in case I've somehow underestimated who even knows who I am at this point (I actually have a playlist here, by the way!).

    So, let's talk about Hello!Project, the manchild who grew out of trolling but still watches wrestling and Power Rangers, and mass-consumes Japanese idols.

    Well, a secret I've kept for virtually my entire time MUing, and one I also often kept irl, is that I only went to school up to about 4th grade, and am almost entirely self-educated. This is something I was ashamed of and insecure about for a very long time (astute readers might recall how hair trigger I used to be about my intelligence being insulted, if one played with me a while back).

    Anyway, I say this to explain how getting a GED, while I know isn't that big of a deal, became this thing of validation for me for quite a while. I'm actually currently registered for the HiSET test (It's basically the older GED before a for profit company made it expensive and insane to pass). I'll be taking my first three in about three days (assuming a force of nature like a meteor doesn't fuck everything up).

    Some might remember that I was seriously considering computer science. My plans for the future have almost never particularly involved college, but I always figured, "I'll do what ensures that I'll have the most money". Until, of course, I discovered either the death or the boon of all millennials, which is a passion.

    I realized after a bizarre three week extended mental breakdown that I spent learning music theory, that I have an apparent passion for learning the inside and outs of music. Like, I don't even care about necessarily being a musician, but my obsession with producers and music production apparently carried over into it academically. So I actually found this great two year course at our awesome community college that teaches music production.

    Like, you learn financial accounting and all sorts of stuff, on top of music theory and how to use expensive equipment I wouldn't have access to on my own in a million years >_>.

    Anyway, since college isn't make or break for me, and community isn't particularly expensive, I figure this is a harmless pursuit. Not like going to a $140,000 to become a scholar of the Twilight books.

    I've also been hanging out with people in two entirely different indie music sub-cultures in Philly, it's been interesting. I went to an album release party, but I drank my first long island iced tea, so I mostly spent the party wandering around and being confused.

    But anyway, I guess that's all the important stuff for anyone who was possibly wondering if I was dead or something. Oh and I both picked up and quit binge drinking in the time I was gone. It was a good run. I also occasionally hang out with the headwiz of Mega Man MUSH and his wife, since they live near me, thus proving that I won't murder anyone if we ever meet.

    Here is a gif to prove my identity.

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    Glad to hear you are doing well! <3

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