My Hero Academia Online Tabletop or MU*

  • Pitcrew

    I know there's a lot of comic book MU*s out there, but I have been recently inspired by the manga/anime My Hero Academia. The world is full of both heroes and villains as a result of people being born with "quirks."

    Quirks give people interesting power sets and can be completely boring (oh yeah, you just have the power to control ice) or something a bit more interesting (your ears have earphone jack like appendages that you can plug into various things to control sound or even into yourself to attack people with the amplified sound of your heartbeat).

    The manga itself takes place at a school where the next generation learns what it means to be a hero. I figure it might be an interesting take to do an online tabletop with this setting where people can either play the budding heroes or play teachers or just play the various heroes.

    Would people be interested? I figure Hero System might be the best for such a thing.


  • I'd totally play that

  • Pitcrew

    Just for anyone who doesn't know what I mean by Quirk, here's the wiki entry.

    Suggestions on other potential systems to use would be useful and I've gotten at least one suggestions already. Thanks!

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