Which TinyMUX function... ? (replace spaces with underscores)

  • I look at the function list, and my eyes begin to cross. I do not know which function, exactly, I'm looking for -- but I'm reasonably certain there is one that does what I want.

    I need a function that will take a string, and substitute an underscore for each space in that string.

    I am sure there has to be one -- but the ones I'm finding want a specific number of elements in the string to replace. That's not so handy when the number of elements (spaces) in the string is going to vary.

    Pretty sure if there's something that does this, somebody knows what it is -- and I'm sure it's something stupidly simple I'm overlooking, but I've been looking for a solid hour now and my eyes have completely crossed.

    Help? Please? :)

  • Do you mean:


  • YES! Thank you! <3

    I knew it'd be something simple that I was just completely and totally missing. Thank you many times over.

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