A Kind of Magic MUSH - Hiring Storytellers!

  • This game ran for a brief time a few years ago before finances and work got the best of me and I was forced to shut it down. Brought it back up, redid the code and is slated for an October 1, 2016 opening.

    A Kind of Magic is a simplified Old World of Darkness Mage: The Ascension game based in a city called, naturally, The City. Mages are working towards Ascension while dodging the Technocracy, Nephandi and anything else that gets in their way. The plot and drive of the game will be determined by the kinds of characters players create. The game is well-coded with a coded Umbra, gear and other items in a way that attempts to emulate a tabletop environment while letting code do the heavy lifting.

    Staff is to be comprised mainly of Storytellers and an RP-first environment is to be enforced with Storytellers working together to weave the player's character ideas and situations into a cohesive, fun environment. I am seeking Storytellers at this time. It is not required to know Mage: The Ascension or White Wolf in general, but it is a plus. The ideal candidate is self-driven, creative and displays a desire to encourage others ideas in a Roleplay environment. Old school Draconian rules believers and past staffers gone jaded, do not apply.

    We are not looking for Coders or Builders.

    The game is currently open for BETA testing so the code, news files and other things may be crash tested and any fixes, revisions or additions may be done before Opening Day. There is some wiki revision and cleanup being done as we speak.

    Any questions or comments may be @mailed to me on-game (or talk to me if I'm on... I don't bite) at Port 8003. I work nights PST, but I am around for blocks of time during the day, or you may email me at akindofmagic at gmail dot come. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Magick - Head Storyteller/Coder

  • Tutorialist

    do you have a wiki?

  • Sorry, should have posted that. Until I can get Mediawiki up on a dedicated server, it is http://akindofmagic.wikidot.com.

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