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    Spin Off Thread (Page 3 specifically)

    Throwing around Ideas:
    "Crumbling Crowns"

    • MFPS (Magical Flying Partners).

      The Wardens: Equivalncy of an 'Adventurers Guild'. They solve problems, and give people work. These people are a step above or below 'polite'/normal' society depending on ones perspective.

      Eras of Prosperity and Calamity tie the nations of Kaen together, across the Sea the Empire of Neydra looms...

      Technological Period: Napeonic/French Revolution (18th Century)

      Rulership is semi-Divine Right (i.e Rulers can be abolished through a Mandate of Heaven.
      New ones can chosen,found, and Confirmed via an Oracle.)

      Fantastical Pantheon

      Most are fok heroines and heroes elvated to deific status.

      Magical Flying Partners were given to Humanity as Partners.

    At least that's how humans tell it. To the Animals complete bullshit: They choose to help the 'helpless twolegs cause they would DIE without their help.)

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  • So Temeraire series with smaller dragons?

  • Temeraire would be fucking sweet to RP.

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    Actually something like Temaire.. could work!

    Maybe I could lean on that inject a little more magic?
    Anyone wanna throw ideas and world build?

  • I love the idea of something set around this Tech Period (my profile pic won't lie :P)!

    Anyway, here are some questions that might help you with world building:

    • How would the relationship with the dragons work? Are they intelligent creatures that have been enslaved or controlled with magic? Beasts that have been tamed?

    • Are there any regions of the countries that can rise up in rebellion and try to form a nation of their own, like real life Ireland or Haiti during Napoleonic era?

    • Is slavery a thing? If so, is it restricted to a skin colour/ethnicity?

    • Are there any industries related to the dragons? Air transport/messaging systems, maybe?

    • Royalty has the semi-Divine Right, but what about nobles? Are they considered special by the official religion or are there ways for them to get a Mandate of Heaven?

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    Dragons are little of all of it: They started out as beasts , that were tamed, and then began to be bred for intelligence ( and size, both large and small- some rich lady wanted a lap dragon of course). Most are 'controlled' with magic. They've got a variety of intelligence levels, so magical collars are more about 'spacial awareness for the less intelligent ones. Human-intelligence dragons are deemed a kind of 'citizen'.

    I would say yes there are nations that are rising up currently. The city of 'Kirag' is one such region ( where the game would be based/ is based).

    Slavery? Its not restricted to color or ethnicity, but is based based around... something else. People started created 'Slave lines' for particular duties, but magically reinforcing them. (So the rich and powerful got 'more fancy', while the slaves got more 'practical'). It got hammered about 200 years ago, so its more 'classism', in Napoleonic dress than anything. People pinging you for your heritage mostly: Got a lot of courtesan slave-blood in (and so look extra gorgeous?) Someone's probably gonna remark on it, and might try to peg for work as a Courtesan, not that its wrong to use it, but its sterotpying to the extreme.

    Plenty of Industry relating to dragons. (Dragons are measured in Feet), so the Largest is about fifteen foot tall and 30ft long, (wing spans vary, if they are flying-varities, the utmost would likely be around 160ft.) If not, Wings are gonna be all over the map. (small, non fuctional ect).

    Noblity is 'earned', its a meritocracy, as is Royalty ( its a combination, the Divine Right, comes from specical Oracles and confirmation via sacred objects. Each House has one. So becoming Peerage, says: You have some that Oracles have seen worthy.

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