Monogram's Playlist

  • I'm only doing this because @Crysta convinced me to. There's been a lot of games over the years, and I'm probably not remembering all of them but I'll try to recall what I can. Yeah, I know I'm missing a couple of places in the past.

    Previous Places

    Steel and Stone - Aeron Nayland and Kain
    Eternal Crusade - Marcus <something>(ditched because Nermal was crazy)
    Game of Kings - <something> Sollinger(though that was before the game opened)
    Fifth World - Cedric Orelle, Flint Grantham, Solace Temple
    Game of Bones - Some kooky old mage hunter can't remember the name.
    Fallcoast - Lucius <something>. Cop and Giest never really got to play him
    BITN - Jacob Solomon(shortly lived but fun)
    Star Crusade - John Solomon
    Realm Adventurous - Lainn Laverstock, Cole, and Arngeir Shrewton
    CoMUX - Peter Quill, Thunderstrike


    Battlestar Unification - Jacob Marx

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