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  • Might as well find someone that RP'ed with me in the past.

    Former skins:
    Firan: Daemio (He had many players, so I better specify 2011-2013), Arosan, Lune, Matti, Danel and some Hydra dude that wanted to build a huge ship (Can't remember his name at all :P)
    Game of Kings: Emrys, Aethel
    ATS: Nikat
    Kishi Kaisei: Yoritomo Yisun
    Blood of Dragons: Theonald (my first character, did a lot of stupid things with him)

    Grimwood: Yin
    Dystopia: James

  • Hydra dude.... Elastan?

  • Pitcrew

    I remember Theonald, heh.

  • Hey Luney. Good to see you're still around.

  • @Pondscum Yep, that was him. I remember he had a stern attitude and wanted to make his deceased father proud, but hadn't managed to have a son yet, thus wasn't a true man to the Hydra.

    @Crysta Hey there, Accalia! I loved our group of kids, they'd probably would've made great stories as they grow up.

  • Don't know if I was the Accalia you got to know. I wasn't the most recent incarnation. :P

    But Lune was cool all the same. I remember him hitting me hard during sword practice as Seren.

    And that silly forum fire.

    EDIT: Oh crap I did have a recently chargenned kid I forgot about though.

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